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Kingdom Hearts 3: Every Keyblade Sora Can Use

- By jerrypop1
Publish Date : 2021-02-17 11:07:19
Kingdom Hearts 3: Every Keyblade Sora Can Use

Now that the Kingdom Hearts series is going to be available on PC, fans and newcomers alike will likely be immersing themselves in the expansive series. Of course, the most iconic part of the series is the Keyblade, and the latest installment, Kingdom Hearts 3, has 19 different Keyblades Sora can wield in-game. Kingdom Hearts 3 is unique in that it is the first game in the series to allow Keyblade upgrades, with the addition of the Keyblade Forge in each shop.

So even if a Keyblade is seemingly unimpressive at base level, players who are attached to a specific blade can pour resources into it to build its strength. Even so, each blade has its own specialties and strengths.

Each Kingdom Hearts game has its own set of Keyblades players unlock naturally by progressing through the story. Aside from Sora's default Keyblade, these Keyblades are all based on the various worlds Sora visits in the game. Ever After, for instance, is found in Rapunzel's home kingdom of Corona and visually themed after her tower. Favorite Deputy, from Toy Box, is themed after Woody and Buzz. Clearing a world's story will award the player with its Keyblade.

Outside of the Keyblades acquired through story progression, there are also some Keyblades that require a little bit more effort. These Keyblades are unlocked either through reaching an achievement in the game's side content, or through DLC. The DLC codes are no longer available, but Starlight can still be obtained by playing the game normally.

The Keyblade players equip Sora with depends on personal taste towards gameplay style and aesthetics. The Keyblade Forge makes nearly any option viable, so players should experiment and test out every blade they can.

When Kingdom Hearts 3 launched in January of 2019, it finally gave fans the chance to continue the story of Sora and the assortment of Disney characters by his side. The game introduced a number of Disney and Pixar properties that hadn't been touched on in previous installments, including Big Hero 6, Toy Story, and Frozen. The series as a whole is largely family friendly, combining the talents of Square Enix and Disney into one franchise, but there was one aspect of Kingdom Hearts 3 that didn't sit well with the government of one particular country.

In the Chinese release of Kingdom Hearts 3, Winnie the Pooh was completely censored. In every on-screen appearance that the honey-loving bear made, he was covered by a massive white blot that blocked everything but the bear's feet. After the trailer for the Hundred Acre Wood section of the game was revealed, screenshots of this censorship were made public through social media. Instead of just removing the character from the game, which likely would have delayed the Kingdom Hearts 3 more than it already was, it looked as if he was just painted over like a stain on a wall. This confused a lot of people in the west when the change was discovered, but Chinese censorship isn't new.

Winnie the Pooh's censorship in China was a decision made by the government to prevent what it viewed as potential instability within the country. Kingdom Hearts 3 was not the first time the lovable bear had been banned from Chinese media, as the character has been a source of contention for quite some time now. The issues around the character began when Chinese citizens began likening Winnie the Pooh to Chinese president Xi Jinping. The comparisons began as a meme all the way back in 2013, when the Chinese president was pictured in a meeting with then-U.S. president Barack Obama.


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