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Insomniac Games Highlights Ratchet and Clank: Rift Aparts Accessibility Options

- By Rightmathilda411
Publish Date : 2021-05-21 07:47:15
Insomniac Games Highlights Ratchet and Clank: Rift Aparts Accessibility Options

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is set to launch soon, bringing its two titular protagonists back together for a new tale complete with parallel universes, insane weapons, and fresh planets to explore. Something Insomniac Games promised going into the upcoming sequel was that Rift Apart would feature an array of accessibility options, ensuring all players could get their hands on Ratchet and Clank's latest adventure.

Posting a list of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart's settings on its website earlier today, it appears the studio's inclusive goal has well and truly been achieved, with Insomniac revealing a wide variety of impressive features that can be toggled in the game's menu. There's a host of game-changing options in the lineup, ranging from the ability to change the color of indicator arcs to remapping the controls and even adjusting the game speed itself.
The latter is an especially interesting feature, allowing players to slow the speed of the game by 70%, 50%, or 30%. The option can be mapped to the D-pad, with the speed shifting back to 100% when the player enters a cutscene or presses the selected D-pad shortcut. Other additions include new fire modes, which allow the player to hold the trigger to repeatedly fire with all weapons or toggle the trigger so one press will repeatedly fire until it's pressed a second time. There are also enemy, collectible, and interactive element shaders to help improve visibility, various aim assists, and simplified traversal, which maps all traversal actions to one button.
The list contains plenty of other important features and can be found in its entirety on Insomniac's website. Speaking on its accessibility options, the studio stated: "Developing games that are playable and inclusive for people from a wide variety of backgrounds is critical to our mission at Insomniac Games." The wealth of progressive options will be essential to many tuning into Rift Apart when it launches early next month, continuing the recent lineup of Sony exclusives committed to creating inclusive experiences for their players.

For those who haven't been following Rift Apart, the game sees Ratchet and Clank travel to a new dimension where their longtime nemesis, Doctor Nefarious, rules over the galaxy. Teaming with Ratchet's playable alternate-dimension counterpart, Rivet, the trio must put a stop to Nefarious' plans and save the universe. The sequel already promises to be loaded with fun platforming, chaotic action, and plenty of wacky new guns, as well as a wealth of new environments, shaping up to be a worthy successor to Insomniac's revered 2016 take on the series.
There has been speculation that the Emperor seen at the end of the Dark Brotherhood questline somehow survived. A body double already appeared earlier in the quests, though Bethesda seems unlikely to pull that card twice.  Some have speculated that the Emperor may have allowed or even arranged for his own assassination to ensure that the Empire had a more inspirational ruler during a revived conflict with the High Elves.

The Elder Scrolls series has a pretty strong track record of avoiding canonizing the specific events of previous games in the series. It’s never clear whether the Sheogorath seen in Skyrim is the Hero of Kvatch, for example. The concept of Dragon Breaks – temporal phenomena where multiple events take place at once – has already helped Bethesda avoid stating specifics about previous Elder Scrolls games to make room for the different choices players might have made.

This likely means that players will be left to make their own minds up about who really wanted the Emperor dead, and why. There don’t seem to be many options, however, that don’t involve a renewed war with the Aldmeri Dominion. The Elder Scrolls 6 may even focus on that war directly – having another war with the Dominion take place between games might feel like a missed opportunity.

The assassination of Emperor Titus Mede the Second is one of the most important events in Skyrim, and one of the most likely to set the stage for The Elder Scrolls 6. Unlike Skyrim's main quest, the Emperor’s assassination can be established with or without the known involvement of the Dragonborn, and it will be tough for Bethesda to avoid dealing with its consequences for the whole of Tamriel.


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