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Someone Got Doom Running on a GoPro Drone Controller

- By minesharez
Publish Date : 2021-05-10 14:51:04
Someone Got Doom Running on a GoPro Drone Controller

Porting classic FPS Doom to new and strange platforms has become more than just a meme – for programmers, hobbyists, and tech-minded fans, it's almost a rite of passage. Some of the ports are probably fake, but not all of them, and it appears that Redditor u/Maserati52 has genuinely downloaded an Android version of Doom onto a GoPro Karma drone controller.

In a short 17-second-long video posted to Reddit, u/Maserati52 showcases the mod by roaming around an in-game environment and collecting an item. Issues with the controller make actually playing the game a difficult task, however. The controls appear to all be mapped to the left joystick, no button will allow a player to shoot, and the modder doubts that remapping is a possibility. It's still an impressive feat to get this ancient action game to run on a new platform, especially one that didn't even exist when it was first programmed.

According to u/Maserati52, it wasn't that hard to get Doom onto the hardware, as the GoPro drone controller in question uses Android software to run and launch its app. All an enterprising modder needs to do in order to imitate this is to install a new version of Android.

The existing Android port of Doom should then launch smoothly, though u/Maserati52 makes no guarantees that the game will play as smoothly as it does on, say, a drum set. Apparently, the capture/video mode buttons ended up as the volume control buttons, the landing button became the new back button, and the port has trouble even detecting the camera up/down dial, which now does nothing.

U/Maserati52 has expressed cautious interest in figuring out how to make the game playable on a GoPro drone controller, not just functional, but it appears that further adventures in GoPro modding will have to wait. Later in the thread, they revealed that the mod has done some serious damage to their controller, which was unsurprisingly never intended to have its OS replaced in order to run Doom. The modder had to factory reset the device multiple times to get it working properly again. Still, the results aren't bad for an attempt to run a game that came out before Resident Evil on modern video capture hardware.

This isn't the strangest platform someone has managed to get Doom to run on--as of writing, that crown probably goes to this commercial kitchen appliance--but it may be one of the most memorable. The controller's size and screen make it resemble a handheld gaming console and the addition of Doom feels fitting. If u/Maserati52 or another modder manages to get the kinks worked out of the button controls, this could become a viable device to play Doom on. First, however, someone will have to figure out how to select a weapon and shoot with a GoPro controller.

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