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Fortnite Releases Hype Trailer for FNCS Tournament

Author : fantiescan
Publish Date : 2021-04-24 10:49:33
Fortnite Releases Hype Trailer for FNCS Tournament

Fortnite has released a hype trailer for its latest big-money tournament. The Fortnite Champion Series, commonly referred to as the FNCS, is set to bring together the best Fortnite players around the world to compete for millions of dollars.

Epic Games' popular free-to-play battle royale is roughly at the halfway point through its Season 6. The current season, dubbed "Primal," has seen a number of changes to the game's meta, including the addition of fauna for the first time ever, such as chickens, wolves, boars, and even dinosaurs. Season 6 has also introduced a primal weapon crafting system, new vehicle modification items, and other changes that remain somewhat divisive among fans.

The hype trailer for the latest iteration of the FNCS features a sizzle reel of fast-paced, action-filled clips from tournaments past.  Viewers will see plenty of close calls that come down to the wire, with many of the segments taking place as the storm fully engulfs the remainder of the map. Teamwork in its apex form is also on display as well.

One clip shows a Trios team perched atop a ledge, hidden in plain sight before dropping onto and quickly routing another team. Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of the trailer is where Fortnite sources the clips from. Viewers will hear multiple languages, hailing from regions like North America, Europe, and Brazil, helping drive home the fact that Fortnite is a truly worldwide phenomenon.

FNCS competitors will be playing for a $3 million prize pool. The tournament will once again be formatted as Trios, with Qualifiers taking place over the weekend. For each Qualifier, teams that place in the top 3 will skip Semi-Finals and advance straight to Finals. Teams that don't make the top 3 will be awarded Series Points based on their final placement in that Qualifier.

At the conclusion of the final Qualifier, all Series Points will be added together, and the top 99 Trios on the Series Point leaderboard will advance to the Semi-Finals in each region. It should make for an exciting weekend for competitive Fortnite fans, especially with the recent introduction of the Grappler Bow.

The gameplay will be high-stakes, but the stress levels that accompany competitive play hopefully won't cause any teams to get kicked out of the Fortnite tournament, like one did at the last FNCS. While the tweet has since been deleted, the profanity-laden message reportedly told Donald Mustard to go kill himself. For those who don't know, Donald Mustard is Fortnite's director and chief creative officer at Epic Games – basically the last person any scorned Fortnite competitor should attempt to call out.

The FNCS for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 should make for an exciting esports event. However, it isn't the only video game tournament currently going on. Magic Arena's first Strixhaven tournament is underway, with the physical Strixhaven: School of Mages card set releasing today.

Fortnite continues to roll out unique and challenging quests for players looking to level up their Season 6 Battle Pass. Of the several new Fortnite challenges presented this week, one of the unusual ones requires players to don a prop disguise, and figure out a way to get within 20m of another player for at least three seconds.


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