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Firefighting Game Embr Coming to Xbox

- By cookbrain
Publish Date : 2021-04-03 11:08:28
Firefighting Game Embr Coming to Xbox

Comedy-focused multiplayer firefighter game Embr is officially coming to Xbox. The frantic split-screen title is set to arrive on Xbox consoles later on this year.

Published by Curve Digital, Embr was actually released for PC and Google Stadia in Early Access last year. The game was one of the more notable reveals during Google's Stadia Connect event, which included a hilarious trailer establishing the game's premise and gameplay.

In the world of Embr, public funding has run dry, leaving gig industry workers (a la Uber, Postmates, Instacart, and the like) to be the only means of fighting fires. Players and their friends must tackle blaze after blaze using zany tools to earn tips from clients in hopes of picking up the "ever-so-crucial" 5-star rating. Completing calls will allow players to earn cash and upgrade tools in order to try and become the ultimate "have-a-go hero" firefighter. Those looking to make a little money on the side can also deliver takeout food on the fly with Embr Eats. Embr is self-described as the Uber experience for anyone who wants to get to grips with the gig economy.

Embr isn't the only title Curve Digital is publishing on Xbox in the coming months. In addition to the comedic firefighting game, Curve is set to launch Lawn Mowing Simulator. Announced during the ID@Xbox event on Twitch, Lawn Mowing Simulator is exactly what it sounds like.

The game is described as the most accurate simulation when it comes to trimming grass. According to the trailer on YouTube, it will feature a range of licensed mowers and a slew of settings that will enable players to truly immerse themselves in virtual lawn care. Looking at both titles, it would seem Curve Digital has a penchant for the humorous and unorthodox, and approach that should likely bode well when they release this summer.

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