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Valheim Players Invent Way to Tell Time In-Game

Author : rockhints
Publish Date : 2021-03-20 10:15:12
Valheim Players Invent Way to Tell Time In-Game

Valheim players have been incredibly creative with the survival game. There have been posts of players recreating cities, making massive structures, and one Valheim player recreated the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars in their world seed. But there is one small invention that doesn't take long to build and is not as grand as some of the other creations, but it certainly is a massive upgrade for players: a working in-game clock.

The massive Steam best-selling hit Valheim does not currently have an in-game way for players to tell time. While some survival and sandbox style games will have an on-screen indication of the time of day, Valheim gives players no indication of how many minutes are left in its 30 minute day/night cycle. However, some very creative players have decided to make their own, using the game's sunlight to make sundials.

Reddit has been flooded with images of Valheim sundials ranging from large constructions to little wall adornments that change based on the position of the in-game sun. Players have used all the possible decorative wooded and stone pieces that Valheim gives players for building to make several different designs for telling time when at their bases. Here are just a few of the examples from Reddit users:

The 21-minute long days in Valheim thankfully come along with a sun that moves in a predictable pattern, allowing these sundials to work. While there is not currently a way to tell what time it is during the 9-minute night cycle, knowing how late in the day it is can be quite beneficial to players as traveling, and being out in the open during the night time can be incredibly dangerous and the darkness can be make it quite difficult to see, especially in the Swamp Biomes of Valheim.

Players can expect to see even more variations on the sundials when Valheim's Hearth and Home expansion is released; the next update is expected to bring additional building pieces for players to use in their spectacular buildings, massive tower bases, and other construction projects in their worlds.

As this indie game's playerbase, which recently hit 6 million, continues to grow and the game continues to expand, fans can look forward to even more stunning builds and massive construction projects similar to those seen in games like Minecraft before. There seems to be a nearly endless amount of creativity in Valheim's large community that seems to not be slowing down at all.

In Valheim, players come across a variety of edible flora and fauna that they can cook, brew, and roast in order to fill their stamina and HP pools. While many players are familiar with red and yellow mushrooms in Valheim, the blue mushroom is quite the mystery to most.

Regardless of color, mushrooms in Valheim can be eaten raw or cooked into soups and fermented into potions. Red mushrooms are needed for Carrot Soup and Serpent Stew while yellow mushrooms can be used to make both levels of Stamina Meads. But blue mushrooms can't be used for potions, soups, or stews. So what are blue mushrooms for?


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