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Fan-Made Pokemon Card Combines Charizard and Venom

- By waqassaw
Publish Date : 2021-03-13 07:39:46
Fan-Made Pokemon Card Combines Charizard and Venom

A TikTok user is going viral for their interpretation of what would happen if Venom, the alien symbiote from Marvel Comics, got ahold of the iconic Charizard from the Pokemon series. Posted only a day ago, the video has already garnered nearly half a million views, and continues to skyrocket in numbers.

The Fire-type Pokemon made its first appearance in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games of the mid-90s before exploding in popularity due to Charizard's adventures with Ash Ketchum in the anime series. Arguably the most recognizable creature in the series besides its mascot Pikachu, Charizard remains an all-time favorite for a large portion of the Pokemon fanbase. In fact, a recent rumor suggests the anime may be bringing back Ash's Charizard, an extremely nostalgic moment for longtime fans should it happen.

Nintendo has long been a mainstay at E3, though recent years has seen it abandon its live press conferences in favor of special E3 Nintendo Direct presentations. E3 2020 was canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but E3 is making a comeback this year as a digital event. Nintendo hasn't confirmed its involvement with E3 2021 at the time of this writing, but one has to imagine that it will either be a part of the show or at least release a Nintendo Direct around the same time.

If Nintendo does have an appearance at E3 2021, it could potentially be one of its biggest shows to date. The latest Nintendo Direct presentation saw Nintendo keep a lot of its cards close to its chest, but it could potentially reveal all its big plans for 2021 and beyond at E3. Thanks to leaks, rumors, and past announcements by Nintendo itself, fans can formulate a decent idea of what they may be able to expect from Nintendo at E3 2021.

Bayonetta 3 was announced years ago, but Nintendo fans haven't gotten an update on the game since its initial reveal trailer. The third entry in the critically-acclaimed action series from Platinum Games, Bayonetta 3 is quite easily one of the most highly-anticipated Switch games currently in production. Platinum's Hideki Kamiya has said that he "hopes" that he can give a Bayonetta 3 update this year, but he's also told fans to forget about the game for now so they aren't stressing about a reveal. Bayonetta fans can feel free to check out Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on the Switch while they wait for more information, though hopefully the long wait is over sooner rather than later.

E3 2017 took place a few months after Nintendo launched the Switch console, and it used the event to make a number of big announcements. This included the confirmation of Metroid Prime 4, the fourth entry in the acclaimed first-person Metroid sub-series. When Metroid Prime 4 was first announced, it was confirmed to be in development by Bandai Namco, who has collaborated with Nintendo on a number of projects in the past. A couple of years later, Nintendo made the surprising announcement that it had decided to reboot development on Metroid Prime 4, putting the game in the hands of Retro Studios, who developed the other Metroid Prime games.


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