Every Hero Redesign In Overwatch 2 So Far

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Publish Date : 2021-02-23 07:05:29
Every Hero Redesign In Overwatch 2 So Far

In both Overwatch 2 and the original game, nothing is more important than the cast of playable characters. Standout characters with unique abilities and playstyles are crucial to any hero shooter finding success, and Blizzard has nailed this aspect of the game thus far. With every character having hero counters, strong ultimate pairings, and hidden strengths, the game has remained relevant nearly five years after its initial release. Beyond gameplay, though, gamers love the heroes of the Overwatch universe for their personalities, backstories, and designs.

Hailing from different parts of the world and boasting many unique appearances, Blizzard is attempting to keep what fans love about the characters intact for Overwatch 2 — while also evolving their designs in the process. Every character will be getting a new default outfit, functioning as a clear progression of what was seen in the original game. More bits of armor, a few color changes, and different hairstyles are some of the changes the characters will be getting, with improved facial animation and cloth technology helping to bring them to life. So far, 11 of these signature looks have been revealed, giving fans a clear idea of what the original designs will be like.

Undoubtedly the redesign that will have the largest impact on gameplay, Lucio’s fresh appearance sees a few pieces of his hair tied back, with the dreadlocks changing from green to yellow. This clever addition will tell teammates and enemies if the support hero is healing or boosting those around him, allowing for some extra planning if players stay focused on the wall-riding musician. Lucio also boasts some stylish new armor, making him look more protected while mixing a bit of black into his iconic purple and green color scheme. Thinner glasses and a new headset complete the special costume.

A fan favorite hero for cosplayers, Mercy has boasted many memorable designs over the years. The angelic hero has become a witch, a fairy, and a goddess, though this look sees the character returning to something more traditional. Mercy’s blonde hair has gone a tiny bit greyer, a subtle indication of time passing in the Overwatch universe. The older healer boasts a shorter hairstyle as well, with a smaller halo worn on top of her head. Mercy features a more intricate armor set in Overwatch 2, with a few more bits of gold providing an accent to her white protective gear. Lastly, her signature wings boast a few bits of bright yellow.

Not only is Reinhardt set to get a huge rework in Overwatch 2, giving him the ability to stop mid-charge and throw two Fire Strikes, but his costume is getting some big changes as well. The red accents are swapped for yellow, as a new set of armor is being worn by the gentle giant. His already grey hair has grown even whiter, and the default skin removes his helmet to showcase the old knight’s longer helmet and beard. Lastly, one of the lion symbols on Rein’s wrists has been added to his chest, making the new armor look a bit more regal than the original.


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