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Every Battlefield 6 Rumor as of April 2021

- By aprilginee
Publish Date : 2021-04-05 09:28:12
Every Battlefield 6 Rumor as of April 2021

Intriguingly, gamers know very little official information about the highly anticipated Battlefield 6. While EA has confirmed a spring reveal for the game and a launch window of holiday 2021, the only other real detail is that it will have a larger player count. Apart from some comments about the game that describe it as an ambitious project, players would be fairly in the dark if it were not for all the leaks.

While nearly everything said about Battlefield 6 thus far is essentially speculation, some of the sources leaking the information have proven to be viable in the past. As such, while fans should take the rumors with a grain of salt because of this, they are worthy of discussion and excitement. If some or all of the Battlefield 6 rumors shared thus far prove true, then fans are in for an interesting game that serves as an evolution of the franchise. While more leaks could certainly come throughout the next few weeks, here is everything rumored for the game thus far.

Battlefield 6 will supposedly have some expanded destruction mechanics, with one of the more interesting parts of this rumor being that the game will incorporate natural disasters. Battlefield 6’s natural disaster system will supposedly be used to destroy buildings and damage areas, with leaker Tom Henderson suggesting some of the possible types of disasters. Players can apparently expect floods, tornados, volcanos, and severe storms to be seen in the next game.

Another excited feature that has been rumored is fully destructible cities for Battlefield 6. While maps like Battlefield 4’s Siege of Shanghai allowed the central building to be brought down as part of the “Levolution” mechanic, these new cities will apparently see every building becoming destructible. Whether this means glass on their sides being breakable or the complete crashing of skyscrapers remains to be seen, but every single building being damageable in some way certainly sounds like a promising change.

Battlefield 6 has been compared to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in the sense that the game will supposedly have a near future setting. This means that players can expect modern weapons alongside some slightly experimental gear, tech, and vehicles, which should make for a fine setting. Specifics of this setting have seen both the concept of World War 3 or the Russian country of Kazakhstan possibly having a role to play, though it is possible that both could be used in the new narrative.

Leakers have also suggested that the game will serve as a soft reboot for the Battlefield franchise, dropping the number 6 in favor for a straightforward title of “Battlefield.” Like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, this will allow DICE to establish a new tone for the games, though whether the game takes a more or less realistic approach to war remains to be seen. Apparently, the narrative from both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 would also be abandoned in this new timeline. As such, characters like Dima and Blackburn are unlikely to return.

Going hand in hand with the reboot rumor is the suggestion that Battlefield 6 will have the War Stories feature in place of a traditional singleplayer campaign. Supposedly set to show different parts of the world reacting to and fighting in World War 3, the new War Stories would supposedly feature missions in American suburbs. However, the source on this rumor is a bit less proven than someone like Tom Henderson, meaning that fans should be a bit less confident in information tied to the game's campaign.


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