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Dragon Age 4 Companion Wish List

Author : ozonflat
Publish Date : 2021-04-13 10:14:17
Dragon Age 4 Companion Wish List

Dragon Age 4 will put players in the shoes of a new protagonist in the Tevinter Imperium. Like all Dragon Age player characters, this new protagonist will not be alone.

The upcoming game will see the player backed up by a band of companion characters. Some of these are likely to be returning companions from previous games, while many will be completely new to the series. BioWare should include some major changes in its companions in Dragon Age 4.

Dragon Age 4's companions may be united in their desire to stop the Dread Wolf bringing down the Veil, but that doesn't mean they can't have totally different visions for a post-Dread Wolf world. The companion roster of Dragon Age: Origins contained a Witch of the Wild, a Templar-turned Grey Warden, an Antivan Crow, and a member of the Qunari army among others. While they all had their reasons to stop the Fifth Blight from overrunning Thedas, the fact that the Blight risked wiping out all life on the continent allowed for alliances between characters who otherwise would never have teamed up.

In contrast, the companions of Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition had a great range of personalities but little diversity when it came to actual allegiances. The companions in Dragon Age 2 all tended to be outcasts without allegiances to formal organizations, while the companions in Inquisition were joined by their allegiance to the Inquisition itself. While Sten in Dragon Age: Origins is determined to stop the Fifth Blight, there's no doubt that his ultimate allegiance is to the Qunari. Similarly, Morrigan is sent by Flemeth to help stop the Blight, but both character clearly have ulterior motives.

As Varric puts it in the teaser trailer, Dragon Age 4's villain Solas wants to "break the world" by bringing down the Veil between Thedas and the Fade. While the precise consequences of this have yet to be made clear, Solas intends to use the magic of the Fade to restore the long lost empire of the Elves. It is possible that in doing so the other races of Thedas will be destroyed, which is a price he is willing to pay if necessary.

The threat of extinction could unite people from a wide array of factions that would otherwise be totally opposed. A mage could find themself in an uneasy alliance with a female Qunari who, in different times, would have been responsible for turning any mage she encountered into a mindless worker using the Qamek poison.

An elf born into slavery in Tevinter and a Magister who presided over the Imperium's government would suddenly have common cause, at least while the Dread Wolf remained a threat. Dragon Age 4's main threat is a chance for BioWare put together a team of companions who aren't just rag-tag outcasts, but represent a wide array of allegiances in the world of Dragon Age. This could even lead to some serious inter-party conflicts that need to be resolved.

The Executors are a group that began to make their presence known throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Executors claim to represent powers across the sea, but their exact motivations are unknown. Their identity has been a total mystery so far - some have even speculated that they may be a totally new race in the Dragon Age universe.


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