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Capcom Announces Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Livestream

Author : horsesleds
Publish Date : 2021-03-30 11:59:05
Capcom Announces Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Livestream

Although it has been over four years since Street Fighter 5 came out, Capcom's game keeps releasing updates to keep fans engaged with new content. Recently, Capcom confirmed an upcoming livestream where more information about Street Fighter 5 Season 5 will be revealed. The Spring update will reveal more details about Rose and Oro which might be particularly intriguing for longtime fans of the franchise.

This livestream comes just a little over a month after an update for Street Fighter 5 was released. The update included V-Shift, new gameplay, and support for Dan, the first Season 5 character. So far, Capcom has revealed three out of the four characters which will be added to the roster during this season. Although Rose, Oro, and Akira have been confirmed there is still no information about who the fourth character will be. In addition to these characters, players who have Street Fighter Season 5 can also play with Eleven, a character who mimics others.

Capcom will be hosting the Spring Update live stream on April 6th on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook at 3:00 PM PDT. The event will cover details about Street Fighter Season 5 and more information about the long-awaited characters Rose and Oro. Unfortunately, it seems that there will not be information about Akira released during this live stream, but hopefully, there will be more details soon.

According to the original roadmap, Rose was supposed to be released during the Spring update while Oro was meant to go live with Akira in the summer. However, the COVID-19 crisis forced Capcom to change its plans and delay the release of Dan which was scheduled to be released last winter. There is no updated roadmap yet but the early release of Oro might be an attempt to get back on track and have Akira available this summer. The last character to be revealed could still be available this fall but its identity is still a mystery.

The roadmap also specifies other releases that will come with the new characters in this update. Rose is meant to come with five costumes and a stage, while Oro comes with only three costumes. Akira was announced with five costumes and a stage as well. Finally, the mystery character will come with three costumes and a stage that is scheduled to be released next year. Hopefully, Capcom's live stream will confirm the release date for the Rose DLC and give an updated road map in addition to all the information about the Spring Update.

In the twilight of its lifespan, Street Fighter 5 begins its final content season this week, bringing with it several important and requested changes. After its almost five-year lifespan, the final round of characters and updates to Capcom's premier fighting game will bookend its often-controversial release. Despite criticisms of lacking content, a detrimental online multiplayer experience, among other gripes, the fifth entry has come a long way from its troublesome beginnings. Consistent improvement and content updates have made Street Fighter 5 a far-improved experience, even with the latest Season 5 update, which makes several key changes to the game.


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