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Diablo 4 is Probably Saving the Best for Last

Author : glanket
Publish Date : 2021-03-22 12:02:55
Diablo 4 is Probably Saving the Best for Last

Earlier this year, some Diablo 4 fans were hoping the game would launch in 2021. When Blizzard dashed this, many fans were notably upset, but the fact of the matter is that Diablo 4's release date is years away. 2022 seems like it would be pushing it, given what's known of its development and the ongoing pandemic.

Still, there's a silver lining to this platter. Diablo 4 will release when it's ready, but there's been a steady stream of quarterly updates about the game. Then, big events like BlizzCon see things like Diablo 4's Rogue class revealed. That's all big in and of itself, but that also means that Blizzard likely has something up its sleeves still. In marketing, it's best for a company not to show its full hand, and it seems safe to assume Blizzard hasn't—that's a good thing.

Perhaps the biggest secret Blizzard has right now is the identity of the fifth Diablo 4 class. Fans have no idea what it could be, no matter how much the Diablo class line-up is analyzed. The Rogue, a new take on the OG class from the first game, is without a doubt a big deal. Reasonably, it could have been the last card played and been a big deal, but it's not. That means Blizzard has yet another big card to play, something that has to trump the Rogue (in theory, at least). There's past patterns to back this up too.

Now, players know they have the Barbarian for DPS, Druid and Sorcerer as core magic classes, and the Rogue as a mixed dex-based class. The core tenants are covered, but each game has always had this one wildcard unique to it. Diablo 2 had the Necromancer, while Diablo 3 had the Demon Hunter. As such, it makes sense for the big final class reveal be something brand new and unique to the game. Diablo 4 fans really shouldn't expect the Necromancer or Demon Hunter themselves, beyond perhaps as DLC, but that unique role niche has yet to be filled, something that is indubitably exciting.

Not to mention, Diablo 4 has gotten its fair share of cinematics, story details, gameplay, and more leading up to launch, but there's still likely a lot that can be shown. Keeping in mind that it's for sure not releasing in 2021, 2022 still seems nebulous, and there's quarterly updates rolling in, there seems to be a general "blank" spot of stuff that Blizzard isn't discussing quite yet, and rightfully so. Building hype right now is a good thing, but overhyping reveals now would mean there's less impressive stuff to show pre-launch and less things to keep close at launch.

Overall, Diablo 4 is relatively silent right now, but that's a good thing. It may be some time away, but marketing and revealing the right things at the right time is only good for the game. Sure, it has a dedicated fanbase that's going to buy it no matter what and no matter when big things are revealed, but Blizzard is likely looking to cast a wide net with this game. It wants to catch a lot of fish after all.


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