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Destiny 2: Who are the Splicers

- By maxkeyman
Publish Date : 2021-04-29 13:01:45
Destiny 2: Who are the Splicers

With Season of the Chosen quickly coming to a close following the end of the Guardian Games, many Destiny 2 fans have started to look ahead at what's next. While Bungie has provided some answers through new feature reveals like the return of Ada-1 and a transmogrification system for armor, the studio has remain tight lipped on any potential story beats. Naturally, this has led many in the community to try and dig for details.

Just recently, one particular fan managed to find evidence on the main Bungie website hinting that the next season was going to be called Season of the Splicer. When the information broke online, Bungie seemingly changed the line of code, replacing the word Splicer with a simple 'XXX.' Another user managed to come across unused dialogue spoken by Uldren Sov, now known as Crow, that references Splicers working alongside Guardians.

While there remains some debate in the community as to whether or not this is true, the term Splicer is one that Destiny players have come across before. While typically associated with the technology known as SIVA, Splicers actually reference something else entirely. Here's everything Destiny 2 fans need to know about Splicers.

While the term Splicer is closely related to SIVA, that's only a part of it. In terms of the Destiny universe, Splicers are actually a secret group inside of Fallen Houses. These individuals are considered to be the most revered scientists and engineers, responsible for augmenting members of their House with new technology. In order to achieve this, the splicers tend to unearth and scavenge systems, machines, or tech anyway they can either by discovering it or potentially stealing as well. Using the found materials, Splicers attempt to then utilize them to help the Fallen House adapt and survive.

It's worth noting that every Fallen House has their own splicer group and players have come across them from time to time, likely without knowing. During the House of Wolves expansion, the main antagonist Skolas has adapted Vex technology, allowing him to teleport during battle and outfitting his House of Wolves with specialized gear. In fact, during the Queen's Ransom mission, players discover that using knowledge and tech gathered from the Vault of Glass, Skolas is able to shift space and time to summon allies from different timelines. However, players intervene before Skolas has a chance to do so and is subsequently captured and placed inside of the Prison of Elders.

One of the most famous examples of Splicers came inside of the Rise of Iron expansion for the first Destiny. The major enemy in this expansion focused on a specific sect of the Fallen, specifically the House of Devils. Unlike the previous enemies players have battle against, this group went by the name Devil Splicers as their scientists discovered the dangerous Golden Age nanotechnology known as SIVA. Using this tech, the Devil Splicers augmented themselves with it, worshiping it as a new god and attempting to evolve their bodies to become one with the technology.

The Rise of Iron expansion told the story of the Iron Lords and their failed battle against it, sacrifice to contain the SIVA outbreak as well as the creation of the Plaguelands near the Cosmodrome on Earth. Players would go on to battle countless Splicer enhanced Fallen including the Wrath of the Machine raid boss Aksis, Archon Prime.


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