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Apex Legends Giving Away Free Content To Make Up for Errors

- By chainlandar
Publish Date : 2021-03-26 09:22:10
Apex Legends Giving Away Free Content To Make Up for Errors

Apex Legends has steadily been growing in popularity, with Season 8 achieving peak performance for the overall playerbase. In January Apex Legends hit a new concurrent player record on Steam with almost 130,000 players online at one time.

Unfortunately, some of those new players have probably encountered a frustrating login issue as of late, which is preventing some players from logging into the game entirely. Thankfully, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is hard at work fixing the issue and will be giving out in-game items to players who send in reports proving they have been recently affected by the error.

The issue is a connection error that occurs right when players try to log in to the game and get to the main lobby. Usually, players will experience extremely long load times only to be met with a continual "code:net" error, which will then boot them back to the login screen. This issue has been persisting for quite some time, as back in February the Apex Legends Anniversary collection event was extended because of similar login errors.

Respawn issued a tweet saying "just under 450" players globally have been affected by the login error, and that the team has been "manually restoring" affected accounts. According to Respawn, the team has fixed 70 percent of the account issues that were reported, which is a great sign. Additionally, Respawn is urging players that have been affected by the bug to reach out via Respawn's help site. Finally, the team has promised to give free items to affected Apex Legends players "as a small make-good."

Though Respawn did not go into specifics on what free items affected players will receive, there have been reports from players who apparently received their items already. One player in particular, who provided evidence to news outlet Dexerto, was given 150 Apex Legends heirloom shards and 15,000 Apex Coins after getting their account fixed by Respawn. Additionally, the player confirmed that they did experience the "code:net" account bug, and it was the reason their account was being worked on. This is a pretty substantial reward, considering 150 heirloom shards lets players claim a free Legend heirloom, which is the rarest in-game cosmetic players can purchase.

Additionally, the 15,000 Apex Coins will allow players to purchase a myriad of different Legend and weapon cosmetics from the in-game shop. Seeing as Apex Legends in-game currency is solely used to purchase cosmetic items, it is about the best compensation that players could hope for. However, this account bug has generated a lot of ire aimed at Respawn and Apex Legends, no doubt being a contributing factor in making Apex one of the most tweeted about games so far this year. On the bright side, it seems Respawn is getting this issue under control.

Apex Legends launched with eight different characters, and has added eight more since then. While there's been a ton of variety in what each Legend is capable of, none of them have been able to quite fulfill the role of one of the originals: Lifeline.

Lifeline is classified as a Combat Medic, and her D.O.C. drone is capable of healing her and any allies that get into range a significant amount. This is outrageously useful for not only recovering after a fight, but it can also be great during the fight, too. As useful as Lifeline is, it might seem peculiar that Respawn hasn't added another character into Apex Legends capable of accomplishing a similar task. But, there are a few good reasons for this.


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