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Destiny 2 Sheltering Energy Mod Explained

Author : pageyaan
Publish Date : 2021-03-19 09:25:43
Destiny 2 Sheltering Energy Mod Explained

Destiny 2: Beyond Light has multiple ways for players to make their gear and armor builds unique. From looking for specific stat rolls for a certain playstyle to min-maxing energy for different mods, Destiny 2 has plenty of options to keep Guardians engaged. One of the more powerful mod sets Guardians can use are the Warmind Cell Mods such as Sheltering Energy. Unlike Seasonal Mods, the Warmind Mods do not expire at the end of the season.

Warmind Cell Mods in Destiny 2 allow Guardians to spawn Warmind Cells that have different effects against enemies. One of the easiest ways to spawn Warmind Cells is to kill enemies with Seventh Seraph, or Ikelos Weapons. Some mods will allow Guardians to Spawn Warmind Cells in other ways such as a Wrath of Rasputin that has a chance to spawn Warmind Cells from Solar splash damage.

The Sheltering Energy Mod grants Guardians an Overshield for 20 seconds when running over/collecting a Warmind Cell, and this Overshield will regenerate if there is still time left on the 20 second timer. Guardians can pick up any Warmind Cell regardless of which Fireteam member spawned it. This allows Guardians to build their Warmind Cell Build with their Destiny 2 Fireteam in mind, yet this build is best used as a solo build. Other Fireteam members can blow up the Warmind Cells and make it hard to use this Sheltering Light Build.

Sheltering Energy can be used with a few other mods to create a tank build by granting an overshield, reduced incoming damage from combatants, and if needed, further increase the damage resistance from combatants when the Guardian's shield breaks. Guardians will need to add Warmind’s Protection, Global Reach, Warmind’s Light, and Protective Light for this tank build.

To make this tank build work with Sheltering Light, Guardians will need to spawn and collect a Warmind Cell using an Ikelos, or Seventh Seraph weapon, or by collecting a Warmind Cell spawned by a another Guardian. In Season of the Chosen, there are seasonal Champion Mods for Submachine Guns that can be used with either the Ikelos_SMG_V1.0.2, or Seventh Seraph VY7. Once a Warmind Cell is collected, Sheltering Light will grant a 20 second overshield and Warmind’s Light will give the Guardian a stack of Charged with Light. Guardians should keep spawning Warming Cells.

The Warmind Cells that are not collected or destroyed will grant Warmind’s Protection and increase the Guardian's damage resistance from combatants near a Warmind Cell. The Global Reach Mod will allow the Warmind Cells to affect targets at a greater distance, meaning more combatants that the Guardian will have increased resistance from.

When the Guardian’s Overshield timer is over, they can collect another Warmind Cell for another 20 second Overshield. In the event that Guardian’s lose enough health to break their shields, The Protective Light Mod will consume all the Guardian’s Charged with Light stacks and give significant damage resistance. This mod will allow Guardians enough time to collect another Warmind Cell and get an Overshield to get back in the fight.


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