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Chivalry 2 Gets Crossplay Closed Beta Trailer

Author : macbiosglam
Publish Date : 2021-03-29 08:03:39
Chivalry 2 Gets Crossplay Closed Beta Trailer

A brand new trailer has been released for Chivalry 2, one that showcases what players can expect in the game when it launches in a few months, as well as highlighting the upcoming beta. Developer Torn Banner Studios initially had to delay Chivalry 2, but now a closed beta will be ready very soon, and some of the details have been unveiled.

Although a delay can be tough to swallow initially, it often means that a game is better in the long run. And now players will soon be able to play in a closed crossplay beta of Chivalry 2 to test out what Torn Banner Studios has been working hard on for such a long time.

Chivalry 2 is now set to launch on June 8, 2021, and those who pre-purchase the game can obtain guaranteed access to the closed beta that will take place on April 23 through April 26. The beta will also be crossplay between PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/Xbox X|S. This will be a nice test for the full version of the game as well, as Chivalry 2 will have crossplay. The trailer itself does a good job showcasing epic and intense gameplay with lighthearted moments as well, including fiery chickens being thrown as weapons, and players reluctantly being launched by catapults.

The original Chivalry does not have the strongest review score on Metacritic, so it may be wise that the developer is taking its time with the development of the sequel. On top of that, the game has some stiff competition, as many compare the game to Ubisoft's For Honor. That being said, this time Chivalry 2 will not be going head to head with For Honor as far as it being a new game, so it may have a better opportunity to stand out.

At its core, Ubisoft's For Honor is primarily a multiplayer title about factions of Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Wu Lin battling for supremacy in physical combat. However, the ongoing title has also developed an extensive mythology during its four-year run, and its developers announced the first season of year five, "Asunder," will center around conflicts between the Order of Horkos and Chimera Alliance.

For Honor's Asunder season was announced during a live Warrior's Den livestream on Twitch today, and is set to begin on March 11, 2021. A minute-long story trailer released alongside this event that shows panoramic stills of various warriors in combat as voiceover comments on peace being interrupted by a newly sparked rebellion.

Year four saw the introduction of For Honor's Warmonger character type in August 2020, which helped the cultish Order of Horkos take over the game's region of Heathmoor following a long-standing peace, according to its fandom wiki. The fourth season of year four, "Mayhem," introduced Gryphon as a leader of the Chimera Alliance that opposes Horkos' rule, and it appears Ubisoft will be letting that conflict come to a head with Asunder.

On top of this story trailer, For Honor released a roadmap for March 2021 that outlines the launch of Asunder alongside a new Battle Pass, the Horkos Masquerade Limited-Time Event, a free event pass, and more. Extra content will be added on March 18 and March 25, but details are currently vague.


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