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Among Us Releases Official Plush Toys

Author : etronloves
Publish Date : 2021-04-01 07:36:48
Among Us Releases Official Plush Toys

Among Us crewmate plushies have arrived. There have been impostors out there, but developer InnerSloth has unveiled its officially licensed Among Us plush, and it is as adorable as imagined.

Hot off the release of the new Airship map in Among Us, developer InnerSloth is already focusing its attention towards what is next for its massive who-dun-it franchise. The Among Us IP has branched out far beyond just gaming, so making things like apparel, toys, or stuffed plushies makes all the sense in the world.

The newly announced Among Us crewmate plush looks just as lovable as the in-game counterpart. The product itself is relatively small at 6in x 4in, but there are also twelve colors to choose from. The officially licensed product is explained as being "round, squishy, and absolutely not an impostor." Each Among Us crewmate plush costs $20 USD. It is very likely that fans will purchase plenty of these crewmates, as Among Us is extremely popular, and even collecting all of the colors is an easy sell from a marketing perspective.

Interestingly enough, developer InnerSloth recently announced that the art of Among Us would be revamped in the near future, which sounds a bit drastic. The style of the game is a major part of its charm, and that would include the crewmates, of course. But with official plush toys being announced and for sale, it is likely that this art style revamp has more to do with small animation improvements and touch-ups than anything else, as the impostor takedowns and adorable crewmates of Among Us will likely remain the same.

Anyone who was on Twitch in 2020 probably remembers the part of the year where just about everyone was playing Among Us. It was one of the defining games of the year, dominating Twitch viewership, kicking off an endless thread of Among Us content on YouTube, and bringing all kinds of streamers together to play the same game. It's uncommon to see a game totally dominate streaming in the way that Among Us did, but over the course of last year's quarantine, Among Us managed to stand out. Hubbub around the game has cooled down a fair bit, but the new Airship map might boost its popularity again.

The Airship map is a really big deal for Among Us. The game hasn't received any update this major since it first released in 2018, as Innersloth's work on this game went mostly unacknowledged until streamers discovered it. Before then, Innersloth was mostly known for the Henry Stickmin games, and it turns out that the Airship in Among Us is actually a reference to a particular entry in the Henry Stickmin series. The Airship update will come with all sorts of cosmetics also referencing these games, but the Airship itself remains the most important part of the update by far. It introduces new mechanics that totally change the game and hint at exciting possibilities for future Among Us maps.

There's two crucial new mechanics that the Airship introduces. One of them is that mobility isn't just a matter of walking around the map anymore. Among Us' Airship features ladders and flying platforms that players will have to use to get up and down heights and to cross gaps respectively. Players will have to think carefully about when and how to use ladders and platforms, since they're a convenient way of getting around, but they can also trap players with each other. The Airship's trailer suggests that an Impostor sabotage can disable the flying platforms, so Among Us fans should be careful who they travel with, or they'll get trapped in a corner.


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