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Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Marketing Assistant

- By mark01
Publish Date : 2021-08-24 12:13:02
Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Marketing Assistant

Maybe you have too much on your plate and need to employ extra help. When it comes to starting a business in today's digital age, the environment evolves quickly, and you’re required not only to survive but to keep up with every trend. Unfortunately,  you and your small team won't be able to accomplish it alone! This is an excellent moment to think about what a virtual marketing assistant may contribute to your team.

You might be wondering what your life would be like when you employ one. Will the atmosphere be lighter? Will your team be more productive? Will you notice the results right away? We're here to address any queries you may have! Here are some of the benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant:

What Can a Virtual Marketing Assistant Offer?

As a manager or a business owner, you should expect virtual marketing assistants to have the marketing expertise and abilities to match what you're doing, whether keyword research or using business development tools.

Here are some broad skills they may handle:

  • Content Creation and Marketing: Content marketing is a critical component of digital marketing, and you need a virtual assistant that understands the fundamentals. They should be able to present ideas for the content calendar, blog production, and content media exploration and manage them all with a keen eye for detail.
  • Keywords Research: Because digital marketing is now all about keywords, your virtual assistant must aid you in finding an audience by learning and utilizing top keyword research tools.
  • Social Media Management. Social networking is just as valuable as any CRM tool, which is why having a virtual assistant that can aid with lead creation via LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms are beneficial.
  • Strategy Sessions: A marketing assistant may be more than just a personal assistant in this situation, as they can also be strategists. They might be a part of a team that uses their knowledge and skills to improve your marketing.
  • Project Administration: They may plan marketing operations, aid in coordinating a remote workforce, and function as the personal assistant to a whole marketing team.
  • Lead Generation: Hiring a virtual assistant can help you "shortcut" lead generation so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Team

Finding the ideal virtual marketing assistant may be difficult for anyone. So now let’s reimagine what the future holds once you hire a VA for your team:

  • Tasks will be delegated, and fundamental marketing duties will be executed seamlessly.
  • From maintenance to marketing, your VA can manage your eCommerce firm. This frees up your hands to concentrate on other critical parts of the brand.
  • Your VA can offer marketing assistance. After all, what marketing team won’t need an additional set of hands?
  • Expect an organized marketing calendar. Having a VA to supervise schedules and remind you when something needs to be done is critical in the business process.


You may believe that you don’t need to hire a virtual assistant. Reasons for this could be budget-related, workforce issues, or you’re simply unaware of the productivity benefits of such added team members. However, we’ll tell you now that despite having to pay someone full-time without strict hours, VAs have been discovered to save your business up to 79% on operational expenditures.

In short, a virtual assistant may be highly productive and cost-effective while still possessing the marketing skills and expertise necessary to fit in at your business.

Are you looking for a virtual marketing assistant? With RepStack, you can select from our handpicked talented assistants who can take over simple to crucial tasks and boost your team’s productivity! Take the leap and get started with us today!


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