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Which is better: a gasoline or electric lawn mower? Or maybe a robotic lawnmower?

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Publish Date : 2021-05-22 08:02:22
Which is better: a gasoline or electric lawn mower? Or maybe a robotic lawnmower?

The lawn on the site is the dream of many: both the eye rejoices, and the children have a place to play, and a picnic can be arranged without random passers-by and long gatherings. But the lawn requires regular maintenance so that it really pleases the eye. How to do it? How long does it take to mow the lawn? Which lawn mower to choose? What is more convenient and what is more profitable? The answers to these and some other questions are in this article.

Than to mow

Of the many tools, at least three types of equipment are capable of mowing grass - lawn mowers , trimmers and brushcutters. What to choose?

Novice "lawnmakers" are of the opinion that lawn mowers are needed for large areas, and on one or two hundred square meters, the lawn can be trimmed with a trimmer. This is not true. A trimmer or brushcutter will never achieve the same level lawn surface as a lawn mower. But if you've already bought a trimmer, don't be discouraged. It will probably come in handy for mowing grass in the corners of the lawn, in narrow areas where the mower does not go, and where the lawn adjoins curbs, flower beds and other plantings.

You may need to use garden shears in some places - for example, if there are complex alpine slides in the middle of the lawn or there are bushes that can be damaged by the trimmer line.

Types of lawn mowers

Power lawn mowers require neither power nor gasoline - only the muscular strength of the lawnmower. The movement of the knives is driven by the wheels. Wheels are spinning - knives are working. The advantages of such lawn mowers are obvious: low cost, ease of use, noiselessness, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The disadvantages are no less noticeable:

  • Very poor performance. If you are not an exercise enthusiast, then do not expect that you will be able to process an area over two hundred square meters with such a lawn mower.
  • Whimsicality. Power lawn mowers cannot cope with grass that is more than 10 cm high, so you cannot start the lawn. You will have to mow at least twice a week, if not more often. The lawnmower will not pick up wet grass either. Given that the grass grows the fastest during warm rains, you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation if you rely solely on the "mechanics". Well, and on an uneven area, mowing with such a lawn mower will be very inconvenient.
  • The power lawnmower only mows the grass, it does not collect it. Even if she has a bag for grass, she will have to collect the cut by hand, so you should not rely on it.

Electric corded lawn mowers are the most common lawn mowing tool.

They are lightweight, inexpensive, easy to operate, productive enough and adequately cope with their task. But they also have disadvantages:

  • Poor performance. The power of electric lawn mowers does not exceed 2 kW, and the mowing width is 480 mm. Therefore, it is impractical to use them for lawns with an area of ​​more than 10 acres. The mowing speed of a light lawn mower with a mowing width of 300-330 mm averages 3 ares per hour, 460-480 mm - 4.5 ares per hour. But much depends on the shape and maintenance of the lawn. If the lawn has a strict shape, does not contain obstacles in the form of flower beds, trees, bushes, etc., moreover, it is regularly cut - the time will go 1.5-2 times less. And if the lawn has a complex shape, is located on uneven terrain or on a slope, and even deserted, it may take twice as long.
  • Inability to cope with difficult conditions. The wheels of electric lawn mowers are small and usually not driven. On a level lawn, it doesn't really matter, but if the ground is uneven or on a slope, it will be difficult to mow. Although the corded lawn mower weighs a little, pushing it for several hours in a row on a slope or bump is not a pleasant experience. However, there are also self-propelled networked lawn mowers - with wheel drive.
  • Power wire. First, there must be an outlet near the lawn. Secondly, you need a long (tens of meters) extension cord, which will have to be monitored so that it does not fall under the knife. On a lawn of a simple shape and without obstacles, this does not cause any particular difficulties. You just need to get used to it, and on the second or third mowing you will completely stop noticing the extension cord. But on a complex lawn with flower beds, bushes and trees, the extension cable makes the job very difficult.

Electric cordless lawn mowers are as easy to use as mains- powered lawn mowers , but they do not have a mains lead.






Unfortunately, this is where their advantages are exhausted, and the disadvantages begin:

  • These lawn mowers are heavier than the mowers.
  • The performance of cordless lawn mowers is even lower than that of networked ones, so a reasonable area limit is 5-6 acres. But it is not a fact that you will be able to process the specified area in one go: the duration of work on one battery charge rarely exceeds 1 hour. Often it is much less - 30-40 minutes.
  • Cordless lawn mowers are more expensive than network mowers.

The petrol lawn mowers are not tied to an outlet and have high power and good performance.

If the area of ​​your lawn exceeds 10 acres, this is the best option. Self-propelled models with wheel drive can easily navigate the most difficult terrain. But they also have disadvantages:

  • Price. Gasoline lawn mowers are more expensive than electric ones.
  • Noise. If an electric lawn mower creates some discomfort only when they come close to it, then with a gasoline model it is better to work with headphones: the sound of its operation will be heard throughout the street.
  • Exhaust. The smell of exhaust gases on the road is not very pleasant, and even on the green lawn - doubly.
  • Gasoline lawn mowers are more difficult to maintain than electric ones. Refueling, checking the oil, the intricacies of starting, cleaning filters, blowing out candles - the owners of electric lawn mowers are deprived of all these "joys".

Robotic lawnmowers are capable of taking care of all the mowing tasks. Well, almost everything. If other types of lawn mowers are not very different from their own kind, then the functions of "robots" can vary greatly.

So, only a few models are capable of collecting mowed grass and transporting it to a special grass-catcher, available at a very high price. The cut grass is most often crushed and left on the lawn. Very rare "robots" are able to determine what they are mowing and independently "bypass" paved areas, garden paths and vegetable gardens. For most robots, you will need to dig in a special cable that connects to the charger around the lawn. And flower beds and areas inside the lawn will need to be fenced.

Not all robots are equipped with rain and humidity sensors, and in the absence of them, full autonomy cannot be expected from a robot: it can easily leave "on schedule" in the rain and burn out.

In addition, you will have to carefully prepare the site so that the "robot" confidently mows the lawn without any supervision. The condition of the site should be ideal or close to this: the lawn should be level, without high slopes - such areas will only be possible for robotic lawn mowers with four-wheel drive. There should be no bumps, wormholes, branches, stones on the surface. Apples, pears and other fruits that have fallen into the grass should also be removed. The grass height must remain within the range indicated in the manual.

If you are not sure that the lawn is clean, it is better to keep an eye on the robot's work. Keep in mind that the performance of the "robots" is very low. 

However, the main disadvantage of robots is the price. Fully self-contained, full-sensor models have the price of a used subcompact.

Regardless, robotic lawn mowers are popular. Their main advantage is autonomy. In the first days after the purchase, you will have to prepare the site for work, deal with the intricacies of the settings, but then the owner of the autonomous lawn mower will simply watch its work from the window, or even completely forget about its existence. Such models are able to independently travel to the site, build routes, process the lawn and return to the charging station.

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