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Washer with tumble dryer versus washer and dryer

Author : dumpspanda020
Publish Date : 2021-05-23 08:32:54
Washer with tumble dryer versus washer and dryer

To save space, many people install a dryer above the washer. To prevent the column from collapsing during operation, you will have to purchase a connecting element and rubber seals designed to reduce vibration. Operation of equipment installed without special fasteners is prohibited.

Most of the dryers on sale are of the condensation type, that is, moisture extracted from the laundry is condensed into a special container, from where it is subsequently removed manually. Some models have the ability to drain water into the sewer. In this case, it is advisable to provide for a connection during installation.

There are also ventilation-type devices, moisture from which is removed by means of a special sleeve connected to the ventilation. It is most rational to locate units of this type on balconies or loggias, providing for a special hole for removing humid air to the street.

A washing machine with a drying function cannot boast of rich functionality. By and large, its main task is to wash clothes, and drying is a convenient, but still an additional function. For this reason, the drying algorithm is greatly simplified. For example, instead of tracking residual moisture in the fabric, a conventional timer counting down a preset cycle time is provided. What is it fraught with? If the user does not "guess" with the amount of loaded laundry and the type of fabric, then at the exit he can get either overdried or underdried things.

But progress does not stand still, offers of more intelligent devices have appeared in the lineup of many manufacturers. Such units independently determine the residual moisture and automatically adjust the drying time. However, while such models are quite expensive.

Ease of use

Drying after washing is highly recommended for pillows, blankets and down jackets. In this case, the down remains fluffy and the product retains its presentation, which is more difficult to achieve if the down products are dried in the traditional way. Drying is good for towels too: they stay soft and fluffy.

Drying machines (or drying function) will be especially convenient for families with children, as well as for those who are tired of the look of clotheslines and other devices for drying clothes. It should be noted that the laundry will dry regardless of the weather and moisture level.

In terms of convenience, the type of drying should be selected depending on the size of the home. If space permits, you can install both a washing machine and a tumble dryer. Otherwise, a washing machine with a drying function will suffice. By the way, using a dryer will free up useful space previously occupied by clotheslines and various clothes dryers.

Let's note one significant inconvenience of a washing machine with a drying function. Such a device is designed for washing laundry, therefore, in its characteristics, first of all, the maximum weight of fabrics for washing will be indicated. The weight of the laundry for drying is significantly different: as a rule, it is 1.5-2 times less. In practice, this leads to the fact that when the drum is fully loaded, some of the items after washing will have to be removed and dried in two passes. Therefore, if there were a lot of things, the operating time of the washing machine will noticeably increase: first a wash cycle, and then two drying cycles.

The duo of washing machines and tumble dryers is free from this disadvantage. For large amounts of washing, both machines can be used at the same time. This saves a lot of time. It is only important to make sure that the equipment is installed correctly, and the electrical wiring will withstand the load.








There is an opinion that combined devices are less reliable, and the percentage of service calls due to breakdowns is quite high. This is partly true, but it is not due to poor reliability of technology or design flaws, but to the deviation of users from the manufacturer's recommendations. As mentioned above, the amount of items allowed for washing is usually twice the amount recommended for drying. However, users often run a wash and dry program and do not take out "extra" items. The desire to save time translates into overloading the drum. As a result - unit failure and subsequent repair.

An additional heating element is provided in a washing machine with a drying function. It is needed to heat the air, which is used to dry the laundry. If it fails, it will incur additional costs. In addition, waiting for repairs may be delayed, since this part is not very common and it may not be in the service, it will be ordered separately. An ordinary washing machine that does not have an additional heating element will be repaired faster.

It is worth noting a big plus of a set of a washing machine and a dryer: if one of them breaks, then the second can be used without any restrictions. For example, in the event of a breakdown of the same heating element in the drying machine, you can still use the washing machine, and in case of a breakdown of the heating element in a hybrid, you will have to be left alone with dirty laundry.

The components of a washing machine with a drying function will wear out faster as the number of wash and dry cycles increases and the load on them increases accordingly. In this regard, it will be more practical to purchase a washing and drying machine, each of which is responsible only for its own task. 

Energy consumption

Both versions use the same drying principle. The heating element is installed in the system. It heats up the circulating air that dries the laundry. The node itself is quite gluttonous in terms of energy consumption, so there is no need to talk about special efficiency. Compared to a conventional washing machine, any of the participants will consume more electricity.

As for the numbers, the combined solution will consume about 1-1.3 kW * h of electricity for a wash and drying cycle, and a washing machine and dryer will consume from 1.5 to 5 kW * h. Energy consumption is highly dependent on the energy efficiency class of the device. Thus, a class B dryer consumes on average 4-5 kW * h, and devices of class A + and above - about 1.5-2 kW * h of energy per cycle. Drying units with a heat pump in their design are considered the best in terms of energy efficiency .

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