Things Only Rebellious Girls Understand

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Publish Date : 2021-02-14 16:55:20
Things Only Rebellious Girls Understand

Things Only Rebellious Girls Understand
A rebellious girl isn't just one who breaks the rules. She's one who sets her own and lives life to the maximum, regardless of what magazine and the media dictate to her. The beauty of a rebellious girl is that she's a fighter and a flower all in one.

 It's hard to find a man who isn't intimidated by an assertive woman. Some might even call you unapproachable. As the old saying goes, strong women scare boys, but they excite men.

You're not one of those ladies that's paranoid about her age being outed. You wear your years proudly like a badge of honor, grateful for the wisdom that you gain as you get older.
 You've never really fit in with the herd. This goes for style, interests, and music. You're just an alternative kind of gal that goes against the mainstream, and there's nothing wrong with that.

You reject expectations of what your life should be, refusing to compare your life to social media feeds. Instead, you live apologetically with every decision, living each day like it could be your last.

 If someone asks you to smile, you've probably said something rude in response, or at the bare minimum, given them a "no."

You're rarely the meek wallflower in a room. Your presence is a bold warrior shout, not a quiet whisper. People that know you well appreciate you for your fiery and brazen personality.

When you're single, you're not complaining about how lonely you are - in fact, it excites you. You understand that being on your own is a valuable time and experience where you get to know yourself and have unlimited freedom.

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Branded as 'fake', Kim Sejeong's true nature was exposed by close people

Kim Sejeong is back 'pinched' hater. This time, he had to face the issue of bad behavior which made him get a lot of criticism from Korean netizens. Some netizens claim that the idol's behavior in front of the camera is just fake.

However, this issue was denied by the drama production staff of The Uncanny Counter. They admit, the former Gugudan member is very kind to all the crew and fellow actors on the set.
The production staff's defense was responded to by the actress's hater. They said that Jellyfish Entertainment as the agency that oversees Sejeong had paid them to say good things about the artist.

After the claim action, a source in the Korean entertainment world finally opened his voice regarding Kim Sejeong's true nature. “He is a cheerful person. For work, he always gives his best, ”said the source as quoted by Koreaboo, Saturday (13/2/2021).

In a continued statement, the source revealed his personal experience interacting with the 24-year-old idol and actress. “Even when he should be angry, he can always finish well. He is very friendly and warm to all of his staff, "he said.

The source also revealed that Kim Sejeong was very mature at such a young age. He is also smart at seeing opportunities and trying to do his best for them.
The source added, the School 2017 actress was always preparing herself when going to shoot. “She is not songong because of her status as an actress or an idol. He never acted. To me, Kim Sejeong is the type of person who can be trusted in doing anything, "he said. *

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Had gotten along for the sake of the children, Kim Kardashian was again ready to sue Kanye West for divorce

Some time ago, the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West households were reportedly on their way. Got caught on camera having a big fight in the car, their divorce rumor sank because the two of them managed to prove that their relationship was fine.

But now the public is again shocked by similar rumors. As reported by People, Kim Kardashian this time is really ready to file a divorce lawsuit against Kanye West.

Page Six even reported that Kim's decision was unanimous. The KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS star has even hired the services of a lawyer named Laura Wasser to take care of various divorce documents with Kanye.

1. Already Hired A Lawyer
They (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) hid this problem, but they really wanted to end (their marriage). Kim has hired Laura Wasser and they are discussing the distribution of assets, "a source told Page Six.
Another source also told People, "He (Kanye) already knew that he (Kim) wanted a divorce. Kim couldn't stand it anymore, and he asked Kanye to think about his future. Kanye is fine. He's sad indeed. , but that's okay. She knew this was going to happen, and she knew they'd be divorcing soon. "

2. Already Separated Beds?
As we know, Kim has appeared recently without wearing his wedding ring with Kanye.

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