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Room Cleaning Tips - How to Keep the Room Clean & Fresh?

- By Pranav298
Publish Date : 2021-11-12 11:16:17
Room Cleaning Tips - How to Keep the Room Clean & Fresh?

You cannot wait to get under the covers of your bed and chill after a long, hectic day, can you? Now, imagine how frustrating it would be when you enter the bedroom, and everything around is messed up and dirty.

An untidy room can lead to moments of anxiety, cause stress and can interrupt your sleep, while a clean room encourages peace and relaxation. A dirty room can negatively impact your mind, and so is the last thing you would like to see at the end of the day.

You must be wondering how to keep the room clean. All you need to do is follow some simple yet efficient room cleaning tips regularly. Ensure dividing your cleaning list into proper chore tasks and maintain the room clean!

Get ready to add up some positive energy and bring peace back to the bedroom.


13 Quick Room Cleaning Tips You Must Follow:


Clean the Bin

First things first, start by cleaning everyday mess. You may have thrown clothes tags, tissues or food scrapes on the floor, so pick every such item that comes in contact with your eyes and throw it away. Next, empty the trashbin of your room and if there is no trashbin in your room, ensure getting one. A good thing to do is keep extra trash bags in the base of your trashbin, so when you empty the bin, you have a bag to keep in after rinsing the trashbin.


Bring Dirty Dishes to Kitchen

This room cleaning tip is pretty essential to make sure you do not contract any diseases. Dirty dishes not just impart a foul smell into the room but also extends the spread of disease-causing bacteria, thus risking your health. So, you shall take all the used plates, mugs and cutlery back to the kitchen. Check under the bed, drawers and dressing table for any used dishes or bowls. Ideally, you should avoid eating in the room to ensure your sleeping space got no dirt.


Discard Things You Don't Need Anymore

The best way to declutter your room is to discard everything that is not a necessity. File through every object in the room and surfaces, figure out which ones you need to keep and which ones you don't. Check if there are any broken items, unwanted papers or wrappers in the room. See if you can give any good things to charity and throw away the items that no one can use. Also, you can put the outcast papers aside for recycling.


Put Dirty Clothes Away

When you find clothes here and there in the room, you instantly know how chaotic the room is. There could be nothing as messier as clothes lying on the floor or bed. Pick all the dirty clothes from the room and place them in the laundry bag. Laundry bags work best when you are getting late, as you can put all your dirty clothes in there. Although do take some time out to wash these dirty clothes in a week or so.


Keep Your Clean Clothes Properly

Do you have clean clothes lying around in your room? The simplest room cleaning tip would be to pick your clean clothes lying on any surface in the room and put them in the closet. But make sure you fold the clothes or else they will get creases, and you will have to spend time ironing them. Moreover, put your t-shirts, shirts and sweaters in a corresponding way, so picking them in the morning does not become a hassle.


Wipe Down Windows and Mirrors

Use a streak-free cleaning product to wipe down all the windows and glass doors or mirrors in your bedroom. If you do not clean spots, fingerprints and marks from the window and mirror, it not just looks sloppy but obstructs your view too. Cleaning products like glass cleaner or microfibre cloth works pretty well to make your windows and mirror look sparkling clean. Also, make sure you clean the window tracks as well.


Put Things in Their Correct Spots

Now that you have picked up bigger things from the floor and have cleaned the bed, it's time to go on tiny things. The desks, drawers, vanities and dressers are favourite drop areas for small objects like keys, jewellery or wallets that you use daily. So, take some time out and put these objects in their legitimate places. If some items do not possess a spot, get a box and store similar items together while taking another box for other things.


Wipe Down the Surfaces Clean

Considering that your bedroom is clutter-free now, you need to wipe down all the surfaces clean. Use a duster to wipe all the surfaces clean in your room like the desk, nightstands, lights, lamps, fans, souvenirs etc. Make sure you start dusting from top to bottom so that the dust does not get on already cleaned surfaces. If you don't have a duster, use a microfibre cloth and ensure dusting before vacuuming or sweeping the room.


Disinfect Switchboard and Door Handles

Most high-touch surfaces of your bedroom are switchboards and door handles, which indicates that these spots have a build-up of bacteria on them. Use a disinfectant spray on these surfaces, and then use a microfibre cloth to clean it off. Consider disinfecting the switchboard and door handle almost once or twice a week for keeping it clean and bacteria-free. Most importantly, make sure switches are not on when disinfecting the switchboard.


Vacuum or Sweep

You cannot get a shining bedroom without a floor cleaning. The areas under the bed and tables seldom get missed while cleaning the floor, so make sure you sweep or vacuum the entire floor. If required, move the furniture to get the dust and grime out of each corner. Sweep the room every day while vacuuming the floor at least once a week. Push your vacuum cleaner backwards and forward across the whole floor until the carpet seems bright clean.


Make Your Bed

Making your bed is a non-negotiable room cleaning tip you must make it happen. So, start by taking everything that is on your bed and putting it aside. Next, pull the bedsheet, blankets or comforters and tuck them in the bed and finish it off by putting pillows on the top of your bed. If you have not changed sheets lately, take them out and spread the new sheets on the bed. Even if you feel your sheets look clean, ensure washing them on a recent basis.


Sanitize Your Bedroom

Your whole room is cleaned now but is it still safe for your health? You have wiped every surface, kept dirty dishes outside, sterilised high-touch surfaces, cleaned the bin and did everything else to protect yourself from germs and bacteria, but what about the germs and bacteria which have grown through these things already. Certainly, that's when you should use RxSAFE Ambitize, an air freshener that sanitizes the air you breathe.


Ambitize kills up to 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria from indoor spaces and imparts a pleasant signature bouquet fragrance that includes rosemary oil. So, not just it becomes safe, but your room smells refreshing too.

So, now that you know what you need to clean and how to do that, you should prepare your bedroom cleaning checklist and follow every room cleaning tip nicely.

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