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re kids smartwatches really useful? What they can do and how they help their parents

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Publish Date : 2021-05-22 07:22:57
re kids smartwatches really useful? What they can do and how they help their parents

Children's smartwatches are often bought as a compact alternative to a smartphone. The purchase is made for reasons that the child will not "hang" in games and the Internet, and parents will always know where the child is, because it is more difficult to lose and break a device on your hand than a large gadget. 

To keep the child in touch, children's smart watches are equipped with a SIM card slot and a mobile communication module. In fact, this is the same mobile phone, only in a compact format. 

For better protection of the child, some manufacturers include a "White List" function. If available, the parents independently configure the list of numbers from which the device will receive calls. Calls from numbers not listed are rejected. This means that spammers and scammers will never call on children's smartwatches. 

In addition to regular calls, children's smartwatches allow you to make video calls. You can talk to your child, seeing him and what surrounds him, through the camera built into the gadget. Otherwise, the use of a smart watch as a device for communication is no different from a regular mobile phone: you just need to choose a tariff and do not forget to top up your account in order to stay in touch.

In a way, listening is also part of the communication function. This function is used to check that everything is okay with the child and that he is exactly where he should be. Functionally, this is the same mobile communication, only the parents connect from their device discreetly, controlling the space around the child.

Determination of coordinates: geolocation and allowed zones of stay

Depending on the model, the children's smart watch determines the coordinates using GPS receivers and / or the LBS module. In the first case, a global navigation system is used, in the second, geolocation is carried out using cell towers. The most accurate result is given by a clock in which both modules are present.

The function of determining the coordinates allows you to track where the child is and which route he is moving. In addition, if the corresponding function is available, you can set the allowed zones for the child.

For example, you cannot cross the road or you need to go straight home from school and not go anywhere. On the map, boundaries are set, upon crossing which the watch will automatically send an alarm signal to the parents about the violation. This will allow you to take action in time and help in case of danger.






SOS panic button 

With the SOS button, the child can quickly inform the parents that he is in a non-standard situation and needs help. Here we must clearly understand that the presence of this button will not magically save the child from danger. Arkady Parovozov, unfortunately, flies to those in trouble, only in cartoons, and mom and dad are often at work on the other side of the city.

So the panic button is only informing that the child urgently needs help, but first you will have to try to contact him. An important point: the panic buttons work only if there is money in the account of the SIM card used, since the call is sent not to the emergency number, but to the parent. This function is implemented in children's smartwatches using a regular message sent by pressing a special button.

Heart rate measurement, step counting, wearing monitoring and other additional functions

Like ordinary smart watches, children's models are equipped with a sensor that allows you to collect statistics on heart rates, the number of steps taken and other useful data. For example, LEDs and a photodetector, with the help of which the pulse is monitored, are also used in the operation of the removal sensor. If the watch is removed from the hand, then a signal is sent to the parent device informing about this.

The pedometer, as in conventional bracelets and watches, counts the number of steps taken. This function is interesting, as it contains a game and a competitive component - go more and beat mom or dad by the number of steps! 

Heart rate control at this age is not very necessary, unless the child is involved in sports professionally. But when exercising on a professional basis, you should consider a fitness tracker. The same can be said for sleep control. Even if there is such a function, the child does not need it too much, all sleep problems at a young age are successfully solved by walks and active games: tired, it will be great to sleep. It also happens that the child is sick with something. Then it is better to think about buying a more serious device with advanced health monitoring functionality.

Also, children's smartwatches usually have a simple calculator and alarm clock. An alarm clock is useful if your child has to get up for school when you are no longer at home. More expensive models are equipped with the simplest games and / or an audio player with the ability to connect wireless headphones..

Real use of children's smartwatches: what are the benefits and pitfalls

When buying a smart watch for a child, you need to understand very clearly that this device will not protect him from troubles by itself. This purchase is for your peace of mind. Children's watch will let you know where your child is at the current moment in time: has he climbed where he was forbidden to go. Also, you can quickly find out about troubles if the child is stuck in them. At the same time, it is important not to overdo it with control, even if you consider it necessary, otherwise the child will have a feeling of total surveillance and lose confidence in you.

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