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PSG en direct le groupe parisien dévoilé et sans surprisermcsport bfmtv com Football Ligue des championsgrgregrg reg rgrg rgr g

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Publish Date : 2021-03-25 16:26:29
PSG en direct le groupe parisien dévoilé et sans surprisermcsport bfmtv com Football Ligue des championsgrgregrg reg rgrg rgr g

PSG en direct le groupe parisien dévoilé et sans surprisermcsport bfmtv com Football Ligue des championsgrgregrg reg rgrg rgr g



Because of my four decades of identifying, qualifying, developing, training and consulting to thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, it is only natural, I would receive many questions/ queries about what the magic elixir might be, to become a meaningful leader. If only some a formula existed, it would be a simpler process! However, the reality is, leadership means a combination of personal sacrifice (in order to serve others), commitment, judgment/ wisdom, a willingness to make the so - called, tough decisions (when others procrastinate), and a focus on doing the best one can, and expanding one's comfort zone, for the greatest - good! Let's review and consider some of the factors, which are relevant, to becoming a QUALITY leader.

2. Useful; usable; unique: There can be no quality, unless one's focus and efforts, are based on being useful to those he serves! How will you enhance the experience of constituents, and improve the organization? Will you be able to train future leaders, by creating a usable set of plans and programs? How will you stamp your unique fingerprint on this group, and will it make the organization better, and more viable?1. Quest; questions: What must a leader's quest become, if he wishes to maintain a top quality mindset and approach? How focused is he? Has he spent time and effort, better understanding his group's heritage and mission, and considering ways to maintain its relevance, and evolving, as necessary, so the organization becomes sustainable? Will he question everyone and everything, including his personal assumptions, as well as those presented to him? Will he listen, rather than prejudge?

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention: Like almost anything worthwhile, it begins with possessing a positive, can - do, attitude. This behavior often becomes contagious, in a good way! How have you developed and enhanced your skills, assets and abilities, so as to potentiate your aptitude? Is your focus on the right target, and will you maintain your keen attention, despite any obstacle and/ or challenges, placed in your path?

4. Listen; learn; leadership: No one person knows it all! It takes a village, to get the finest results. Listen attentively, and learn, and you will then exhibit quality leadership!

5. Integrity; ideas; ideology: Although it may be challenging at times, leaders must maintain absolute integrity, even when taking another course might be easier and more expedient! Be an ideas - oriented leader, and make those ideas based on a relevant ideology!

6. Timely; trustworthy: Never procrastinate, but rather make well - considered, timely decisions, and develop action plans, which you will create, develop and implement, as soon as possible. One of the greatest cancers, for most groups, is avoiding timely action! Be the type of individual, others perceive as trustworthy!

7. Say Yes to you: Believe in yourself, or others will never believe in you! Say, Yes, to the possibilities, and give yourself the OK to move forward!

These points are key to the basis of what it means to be a QUALITY leader! Are you ready, willing and able, to commit to this course of action?

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, and Director of Development, as well as a consultant. He has professionally run events, consulted to thousands of leaders, and conducted personal development seminars, for 4 decades.

Welcome! Last Monday we had a very special guest from Sydney. She is an Emotion Code Practioner and releases blocked emotions in the body. We had a great session where we talked about the wall we build around our heart with emotions. So get ready, you're going to learn a lot, because this topic, trust me, is so beneficial for all of us.

Before I talk about what the Heart Wall is, let me tell you a little bit about how I got in touch with the Emotion Code and the release of my Heart Wall. I met our guest through a referral and I was looking for help with myself and my kids, because as you know, I am a single mom and after I got divorced from my former husband, he decided to move recently to the UK, and because all my family's in Mexico and I'm here alone with the girls in Australia. I just felt that I didn't want the girls to hold any resentment towards their daddy or have any issues of abandonment, so I went to ask for help and it was the best thing I could've done!

What is the Heart Wall?

During our lifetime, we experience good emotions and negative emotions, but through some traumas and smaller things in our lives that effect us, we start to put up emotions around our heart as a protection mechanism. It's like an onion, we keep putting the emotions around our heart for protection, but eventually it starts to stifle you.

Some heart walls can also start before we are born, they can start while we are prenatal, primarily in the second and the third trimester. You can also inherit emotions that can go anywhere into your body, but they can also form around your heart. We form what's called a Heart Wall.

93 % of people have heart walls and we need to release them because they can cause lack of confidence, not moving forward, emotional trauma, etc.

Everyone is different, each person reacts differently to different things, so no two people are going to be the same.

Basically a HEART WALL is little layers of emotions that we need to peel away.

Sometimes we carry emotions from our past lives or from our parents that get transmitted to us at birth, and then, of course, all the traumatic things that happen throughout our childhood and we start protecting ourselves by forming that wall as such around our heart, which creates blocks.

Emotion blocks can prevent us from being able to open up completely in a relationship or feel those emotions deeply.

Some people, because we're all different, will be affected health-wise and some people emotionally affected, we're all slightly different. Sometimes it's financially affected, even though that's a different story again

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