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pproximately to select out out whether or not or now not or now not or not the device need to hold the community version of the file or the characters netwo

Author : Lowell Stanton
Publish Date : 2021-04-13 08:22:18
pproximately to select out out whether or not or now not or now not or not the device need to hold the community version of the file or the characters netwo

MCSA Certification Exam: 70-270

Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional

After you check your text books it's far essential to test your newly received statistics and notice in reality how well you have were given absorbed the fabric. Practice exams....

* Reinforces what you learnt - fill within the gaps of what you unnoticed
* Gets you used to answering questions to build self notion and familiarity

Here are 10 Multiple desire exams questions with a purpose to exercising on:

Question 1# - You are the administrator of a Windows XP Professional laptop named computer1. The laptop is hooked up to the Internet. Pro1 gives Internet get proper of access to to 8 other Windows XP Professional computer systems which might be related to Pro1. You permit Ineternet Connection Sharing (ICS) and Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) on computer1.

You run an software application software named App1 on computer1. App1 communicates with an internet education business organization at the Internet. In order to reveal an internet seminar, the education employer desires to contact the App1 software program at port 5800.

You want to make certain that the schooling organisation commercial enterprise organisation can connect with the App1 software. What need to you do?

A. Configure ICF to permit the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Allow redirect. Then start the App1 software that opens port 5800.

B. Create a cutting-edge company definition named App1. Use port 5800 as the out of doors and internal port amount.

C. Edit the %systemroot&System32DriversEtcServices report on Pro1 to embody a company definition named App1 for port 5800.

D. Change the TCP/IP settings on computer1 to allow TCP/IP filtering. Permit community website site site visitors on port 5800.

Question 2# - You are the laptop administrator for your corporation's income department. The IT manager for the income department desires to make certain that each Windows XP Professional occasion log continues approximately 5 MB of statistics.

He deploys this coverage to the computer structures within the profits department with the useful aid of using using Group Policy. You find out that the insurance has not been completed constantly. You want to make certain that the coverage is finished constantly. Which command have to you run?

A. Secedit /refreshpolicy user_policy
B. Secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy
C. Gpupdate /purpose:laptop
D. Gpupdate /intention:client

Question three# - You are the computer administrator for Adventure Works. You perform a smooth set up of Windows XP Professional on 25 computer structures. All of these computer structures are a part of a workgroup named Dev. All of the computers in Dev are configured to require someone name and password for logon. Thirty day after the installation, all customers inside the Dev workgroup document that they cannot flow into surfing to their laptop systems. How want to you correct this hassle?

A. Use the Windows product Activation wizard on all pc structures to prompt Windows XP Professional via the Microsoft Clearing House.

B. On each computer, go browsing as a nearby administrator and reset the patron password at the subsequent logon.

C. Restart each pc in safe mode, and change the nearby account insurance expiration from 30 days to 0 days.

D. Restart every computer in secure mode. Use device repair, specifying the repair trouble that have come to be created after the smooth set up of Windows XP Professional.

Question 4# - You have updated a tool purpose strain for a computer on foot Windows XP Professional, however you presently enjoy device problems. What have to you do to accurate the hassle?

A. Restart the laptop

B. Remove the tool motive pressure you up to date and reinstall it.

C. Roll another time the device motive force you set up to the preceding purpose stress.

D. Using the Add Hardware Wizard, dispose of and reinstall the hardware with the updated device motive strain

E. Verify that the tool riding pressure have become signed via Microsoft and reinstall it

Question five# - You have enabled files on a customer's laptop for offline use. Which of the subsequent activities rise up at the same time as the consumer disconnects from the community?

A. The patron is delivered approximately to select out out whether or not or now not or now not or not the device need to hold the community version of the file or the character's network duplicate of the document.

B. Changes to the individual's nearby reproduction of the report are overwritten through the use of the network reproduction.

C. The client starts offevolved offevolved to paintings with a close-by cached reproduction of the document in place of the community model of the report.

D. The network replica of the record and the nearby cached duplicate of the report are synchronized.

E. The nearby duplicate of the report replaces the community replica.

Question 6# - A pc that you guide has been the motive of a hacker. You would love greater records approximately how this individual is trying to benefit get right of get right of entry to to to this pc. Which log want to you have a look at?

A. The Security Log.
B. The System Log.
C. The Application Log.
D. The Authentication Log.
E. The Events Log.

Question 7# - You are the help desk beneficial resource employees for a sports gadget producer. You are configuring your transportable computer.

You configure your device such that the begin time can be decreased and the whole usa of the pc can be saved and then the electricity have come to be off. On one example the device kingdom fails to be restored. What is the in all likelihood hassle?

A. POST is disabled
B. The hibernation document is corrupted
C. Stand-through way of the use of is disabled
D. Power famous character is disabled

Question 8# - A some distance flung individual would love to make a faster connection to the community. She is limited to the use of a dial-up connection. Her location does now not guide DSL or cable modem connections. What, if any, options are to be had to this individual?

A. The consumer want to apply v.Ninety  compression bodily games to increase the quantity of information throughput.

B. The person should set up a multilink connection, the use of  modems to connect with the Internet.

C. The man or woman need to have a have a have a look at the availability of ISDN service.

D. You have to investigate installing location a thing-to-component wi-fi link among your location and the client's.

E. The consumer have to have a committed information line mounted with the aid of the mobile phone commercial agency organisation.

Question nine# - You take shipping of as actual with you're experiencing packet loss somewhere in your network. Which tool will be beneficial in locatiing a capability deliver for the loss?

A. Ping
B. Tracert
C. Ipconfig
D. Pathping
E. Arp

Question 10# - You are troubleshooting a problem collectively collectively along with your video cause pressure. You need to make certain you load a number one VGA video purpose pressure at the same time as you reboot. Using Windows XP Professional, how can you do this?

A. Restart the computer. Windows XP Professional will find out the non-realistic driver and pick out out a brand new one.

B. Roll all once more the device using pressure to the most contemporary model and reboot.

C. Boot into secure mode. Make changes to the riding pressure there and reboot.

D. Add the /basevideo transfer to the [operating system] entries inside the boot.Ini document.

E. Reset your display screen to 640 x 480 preference in the Display control panel and reboot the computer.


Question 1# - Correct Answers: B
Question 2# - Correct Answers: C
Question three# - Correct Answers: A
Question 4# - Correct Answers: C
Question five# - Correct Answers: C,D
Question 6# - Correct Answers: A
Question 7# - Correct Answers: B
Question eight# - Correct Answers: B
Question 9# - Correct Answers: D
Question 10# - Correct Answers: D


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