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Mens Hair Guide - How to Prevent Hair Fall in Men and Tips for Hair Care

- By Pranav298
Publish Date : 2021-11-12 08:01:49
Mens Hair Guide - How to Prevent Hair Fall in Men and Tips for Hair Care

As compared to women, men do not spend much time or effort on maintaining their hair. You must keep your scalp and hair healthy to ensure proper grooming. It's high time you start caring for your hair to avoid the common cause of hair loss.

It's quite known to all that hair fall in men has been a huge issue for years. If you notice your hair strands lying down on the floor or getting trapped into your brush for a good time now, you know hair fall is an issue you are facing.

Almost every man loves his head being full of healthy and shining hair. Especially when a head full of hair is considered to be an indication of youthfulness. Even though you are not the only one suffering from hair loss, you should take steps to control men's hair fall and prevent it.

Before coming to the ways to prevent and stop hair loss, let us understand what leads to hair loss.


What Causes Hair Fall in Men?

Hair fall is a common phenomenon that occurs in men and sometimes in women too. Many factors can cause hair loss in men. Hair fall in men can happen due to side effects of medical conditions, hormones or genetics. Some other causes of hair loss are a low-nutrition diet, wearing a hat/cap/helmet, mineral deficiency, stress, and pollution.

The amount of hair loss every person suffers varies. Many men lose hair gradually, while some experience immediate hair loss and bald patches all over the head. If you feel you are suffering from extensive hair loss, stick to the post and read below a few ways to prevent hair loss and stop too.


How to Prevent and Stop Hair Fall in Men?


Hair Oiling

Oil your hair for reducing and treating hair loss. Although oil becomes a little sticky at times, it is a good way to keep your hair follicles active. Massage your head with essential oils like almond oil for 2-3 minutes. Oiling protects hair from exterior damages, improve blood circulation, treat scalp infections & dandruff and makes hair look strengthened and shiny.


Overcome Stress

Stress can have several adverse consequences on the body and is a reason behind many diseases and conditions. Stress can lead to hair fall in men by interrupting hair growth and forcing the hair follicles into resting mode. You can overcome stress by trying your hands on yoga, aerobics, meditation, vacation, trips, music, counselling etc.


Eat Healthy

To promote hair growth and stop hair fall in men, you need to make some lifestyle changes. So, alongside de-stressing yourself, make some healthy changes in your diet and try to exercise every day. Make sure you eat foods rich in iron, vitamin and protein to encourage healthy hair and create a positive impact for preventing hair fall and reducing it.


Maintain Good Men's Hair Care Regime

To keep the hair healthy, promote hair growth and reduce hair fall, the one thing that matters most is maintaining a good hair care regimen. You must wash your hair using good hair shampoo and conditioner that helps reduce hair loss. However, make sure you use paraben-free and SLS-free hair shampoo and conditioner to ensure chemicals do not harm your hair further.


Keep Your Head Sweat-free

Those men who wear helmets experience substantial hair fall during summers because helmets cause a lot of sweat and, in turn, weaken hair roots. If you need to remain outdoors most of the time, then ensure to cover your head with a scarf. Covering your head would assist you in keeping your hair roots strong and preventing hair loss.


Style Your Hair Correctly

If you have been using styling products on your hair, avoid doing so. Using chemical-based products on your hair can lead to hair damage and hair loss within a long time. You can use natural hair wax or hair gel to style your hair to prevent any hair damage and ensure smoothness. If you wear hairstyles that pull hair follicles, make sure you stop that.


Avoid Smoking and Drinking

If you have a habit of smoking and drinking, your hair loss problem will continue to trouble you. Since hair fall in men is a big issue, you must avoid intoxication. Smoking cigarettes reduce the flow of blood to the scalp, while alcohol intake weakens your hair growth. By reducing smoking and drinking, you will notice an increase in your hair growth.


Do not Brush Wet Hair

Your hair is at its weakest when wet. You should strictly avoid brushing your hair when wet since that increases the possibility of hair fall. Although, if you have no choice other than combing your hair, go for a wider comb. Besides that, do not brush your hair too often, or else it can lead to damage and extend hair loss. The best thing to do is use your fingers to loosen knots in your wet hair.


Rub Green Tea to Reduce Hair Loss

Green tea includes antioxidants like catechins, which help reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT), responsible for hair loss. You can rub green tea into your hair to reduce hair fall in men. You need to brew two bags of green tea in a cup of water, let it cool for some time and then apply it to your hair. After keeping it on your hair for an hour or so, wash it off.


Visit Dermatologist

Many skin-related conditions lead to hair fall in men because of hormonal imbalance. If you notice a rapid hair loss, visit your dermatologist, as s/he would be able to check your scalp and find out if there is an issue. You can also check with your healthcare professional to see if there's an underlying medical condition.

Now that you know ways to prevent and stop hair loss, you can explore some hair care tips for men to ensure healthy hair and curb hair loss.


Healthy Hair Care Tips for Men:


Pick a Mild & Natural Shampoo

For making sure your hair looks the best, provide your hair with the best. Choose a mild and natural hair shampoo that goes with your hair type. Although make sure that the shampoo you choose does not include any chemicals. To keep the scalp clean and prevent hair loss wash your hair regularly.

You should use The Men's Lab Keratin Hair Shampoo made for Indian hair type and best to bring shine, smoothness and health to damaged and weak hair. Since harsh chemicals promote hair loss, The Men's Lab hair shampoo is free from chemicals like paraben & SLS.


Hair Conditioning is Must

Your hair needs a conditioner as much as it needs shampoo. Shampooing your hair alone would not limit hair loss. However, using a hair conditioner will surely help prevent hair fall. For preventing hair breakage, deep conditioning is highly essential.

Hair conditioner not just wears off the oil and dirt from your hair like shampoo does; it continues to provide other benefits like repairing hair, hydrating them, controlling hair fall and making them look shiny & smooth.


Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day

You do not have to wash your hair every day. Men feel washing hair daily makes hair healthy and clean, but washing your hair daily using shampoo strips off the natural oils from your scalp and makes your hair weak and dry.

Avoid washing hair daily so that the natural oils of hair remain intact and does not weaken hair roots, leading to hair fall. However, not shampooing too much does not mean you stop washing your hair altogether only.


Be Gentle

While after washing your hair, you might have the urge to rub your hair vigorously using a towel, but before doing so, think about how it will weaken your hair strands and lead to hair loss. Also, be gentle when you style and brush your hair. If your hair gets pulled while styling or brushing, it leads to hair thinning.

Be easy and gentle with your hair. Do not take hot water showers since that strips off oil and makes your hair look dull. You should also avoid taking cold water showers, as cold water will compress your capillaries, thus lessening the blood movement, resulting in a nutrient reduction reaching the hair. Choose to go for lukewarm water showers.

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