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How to Properly Estimate the Cost of a Home Inspection?

- By Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-10-13 16:01:39
How to Properly Estimate the Cost of a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a big deal - you are just working out if the property purchase is going to be worth it or not. And one of the ways to determine that is to get hold of a certified professional to visually inspect the premises and to take an even closer look at certain portions. He would be able to provide you with an idea of what’s wrong with the property and its current flaws. The information should enable you to work out the approximate cost of repairs that you would have to carry out once the purchase is complete. And that’s why you include a home contingency clause in the purchase agreement. These are some of the important facts regarding home inspection that you may want to check out.

  • The average cost of a home inspection: When it comes to a home inspection in Goshen NY - you’ll find that the cost of a home inspection averages $200 for an area that measures less than 1000 square feet. And that it increases after that, based on the size of the area. For example for 2000 square feet or so, a home inspector would charge you around $300 to $500. And for areas larger than 2000 square feet, the fees would be more depending on the size of the estate, as well as what sort of inspection services are required by the client. The above fees are for a general inspection only, and for specific inspection services, you would have to shell out more. Just keep in mind that, a general inspection is bound to inspect the property for certain issues only - from structural flaws to HVAC systems. It would certainly not include testing the property for either Mold or Radon.

  • The roof matters: When it comes to a home inspection in Goshen, NY - you are bound to find that most sellers tend to indulge in cosmetic repairs to cover up the major issues. And that is why you need a certified, insured, and bonded professional to check out your property. Make sure that he takes a very close and detailed look at the roof, and examines the same for leaks, as well as whether the tiles are all still there. Keep in mind that the older the property, the more dilapidated condition the roof would be in. He may also want to inspect the trims as well as the boot vents on the roof, as these are the areas that usually are cracked, leading to water leaks.

  • Attend the home inspection: When the inspector inspects your property, make sure that you attend the same. Inspect the property along with the inspector, make a checklist so that he can review the property with the help of the same. But it is important that you attend the inspection process and you can make notes as you do so. Just keep in mind that to address specific issues, such as Radon, Mold infestation, you would have to pay extra for a more thorough inspection as a general inspection would not cover the same.

This should provide you with an idea of the process and how much it would cost, for a 2000 Sq.ft property. 

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