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How To Harvest a Cannabis Plant At Your Home?

- By emmadobie
Publish Date : 2021-09-20 14:00:34
How To Harvest a Cannabis Plant At Your Home?

So, the day has come when your baby plant is ready for harvesting. But how shall you do it? And how can you dry and cure your grown buds? Is the time you have chosen for harvesting correct? 

You may perform certain mistakes during the harvesting process, that you shouldn’t. But understanding harvesting is not something that you have to do in a rush. It is a period that comes after a wait of weeks, hard work, and money you invest. So, be patient, and let’s harvest in the right way. 

You may also visit https://marijuanaseedsusa.org/ to know more about harvesting, seeds, seeds bank, and other all the relevant information regarding marijuana growing. 

Before you harvest a marijuana plant, you need to do certain tasks. 

Check if your plant is ready for harvesting. To ensure these, you need to check the following aspects in your cannabis plant:

  • Checking for pests and damaged parts
  • Cutting out big layerly leaves
  • Flushing is essential especially when you are growing your cannabis plant using micronutrients. You must start flushing a minimum 2 weeks before harvesting. 

How To Flush Your Cannabis Plant Before You Begin Harvesting It?

Flushing is essential. This process is all about helping your plant to leave all the excess salt and nutrients with a flow of water. As a result, your baby plant will have better flavors and aroma in their buds. 

Now, let’s understand how you can flush your indoor grown cannabis plant. 

  • Take a bucket or container to collect the excess water that will be received from your cannabis plant. 
  • Now, how much water do you need? It is best to calculate with the proportion of 3 times more than the volume of the pot. 
  • Lastly, if the flowing water from the pot is in darker and gradually getting converted into a lighter color, then understand the your flushing process is getting 

When Shall You Stop Watering Before Harvesting?

It may take a few days, or a day, two, or maybe a three or four. The time that harvesting will take all depends on the size of the pot. 

Last but not least, prepare your drying space and start harvesting your cannabis plant.

Sit or stand in a dark room or tent

  • Temperature should be 20 degree celsius
  • Humidity should be 20%
  • A suitable amount of airflow

You may feel restless, stressed, or alone as you will be cutting your cannabis plant that you have been growing for weeks. You have been taking care of it with a lot of love. You invested your time, money, and emotions in growing it at its peak. 

You made a lot of research to ensure making the right decisions regarding nutrients, seeds, strains, and other such things to grow the natural cannabis plant at your home. 

To know more about harvesting, nutrients, seeds, strains, and more, visit https://marijuanaseedsusa.org/.

Feel happy, and let’s just harvest it as you have to do it. 

Happy Harvesting!

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