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How to clean the carpet: 3 tips any parent should know

Author : mavenup1
Publish Date : 2021-07-28 12:18:38
How to clean the carpet: 3 tips any parent should know

From "accidents" when they are babies to various messes when they grow up, children can often manage to turn different things on the floor. The good news for parents is that a few tips for removing stains from the carpet can make all the difference - or at least the difference between a clean rug and a stain for which you have to move furniture strategically to hide it.

So you need to know how to clean the carpet of stains? Here is the answer.

Three carpet cleaning tips for busy parents

The following tips will help you remove stains from the carpet like a pro. Remember: do not clean alone! Once the little ones are old enough to handle a cloth, could you encourage them to clean up after them? You will notice that they will become much more careful.

1. Be prepared to clean the carpet

Having children at home makes it impossible to avoid accidents, so it is essential to be prepared. Here is a list of quick things you need when you want to clean stains on the carpet:

  • Clean clothes and kitchen towels
  • A spray container filled with water
  • Vinegar
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Favorite carpet cleaning product
  • These things should be enough to deal with everyday stains as quickly as possible. For the rest, keep the vacuum cleaner handy.

2. SOS for stain removal: acts quickly

The best way to clean the carpet by hand is to remove stains as soon as possible. Use something strong, absorbent, and disposable, such as kitchen towels, to carefully remove solids and absorb liquid. Avoid rubbing and dabbing because you will help the stains to enter the material: let the towel do its job.

When most of the liquid has been absorbed, remove the kitchen towel and apply baking soda over the stain to absorb the rest. Then you can vacuum what is left. The carpet cleaning lacey is the best service for cleaning your homes and carpet and many other purposes.

3. SOS for removing stains: remove the paint on the spot with what you have in the kitchen

Now, to remove the rest of the stain. Believe it or not, the best way to remove stains from the carpet is to use something you most likely have around the house, namely shaving cream.

  • How to clean the carpet:
  • Wipe the stain using the method in point 2
  • Moisten the area with clean water
  • Shave the stain with shaving cream and rub using a clean toothbrush
  • Remove the shaving cream with a clean, damp sponge or cloth. Don't shave the carpet Allow the carpet to dry

That should be enough to remove stains from the carpet, no matter how difficult it may be. No more shaving cream? Nothing is lost: you can paste baking soda and water or apply a few drops of vinegar directly on the stain. Be sure to test the solution on a smaller, hidden area before using it to avoid any damage.

And this was it: three easy tips to keep the carpet in good condition, whatever the little ones would do.

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