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Get a Flexpert for hassle free hiring and Remote Team Building

Author : Eazl9
Publish Date : 2021-05-04 03:21:38
Get a Flexpert for hassle free hiring and Remote Team Building

Recruitment as a service

Benefit from an integrated approach combining support from an experienced recruiter and Snaphunt’s powerful hiring technology, so you have best in class recruitment support, for your ongoing hiring as well as specific expansion projects. Your Flexpert supports the full life cycle of your hiring including:


Hiring needs and developing your hiring plan


Your open jobs based on requirements


Your sourcing channels and talent piplines


Interview scheduling & feedback management


Regular meetings to keep everyone accountable


on offer management and other hiring matters

Get a Flexpert for hassle free hiring

What happens when growth kicks in and you need to scale up your teams? Initially, you and your management team might do all the recruiting and spend weeks creating job postings, marketing open positions, and digging through stacks of resumes to build a shortlist. However, this isn’t sustainable as the company grows.

Snaphunt’s ‘Flexpert’ service shifts the burden of talent acquisition away from hiring managers and into the hands of Snaphunt’s experienced ‘Flexpert’ recruiters that can support your hiring as and when your needs arise.

Cost-Effective. Targeted. Efficient.

Get comprehensive & flexible hiring support to scale your business with top talent.

Better candidate quality

Our Flexpert will leverage Snaphunt’s proprietary methodologies to craft attractive job descriptions & ensure targeted sourcing, so you access quality candidates for your roles

Improved hiring efficiency

Our Flexperts coordinate and manage your entire hiring process, while providing you with regular updates, so you can focus on your core business and save hours of time.

Reduced time to hire

Our Flexperts leverage Snaphunt’s technology to cut down your sourcing time by up to 80%. They also follow up with stakeholders to keep them accountable on agreed timelines, so you hire as quickly as possible.

Lower hiring costs

Hire our Flexperts on a per job basis with a flat pricing irrespective of the seniority of roles and save up to 90% of your hiring costs as compared to using a recruitment agency.

The best solution for scaling your teams with top talent

Became an Employer at Snaphunt and Enjoy Exclusive Features

Go In-house

Use a recruitment agency

Get a flexpert

Get line managers to hire?

Takes time away from their core business


Agencies typically costs 15% -25% of a candidate’s annual salary which makes this solution unscalable for larger hiring needs.

Cost effective

Spend only when you have hiring needs and save up to 90% of costs as compared to agencies.

Get inhouse HR to hire?

Recruitment requires different skills to traditional HR functions.


Your recruiter’s goals are about closing the deal rather than finding the right long-term talent for your business.

Aligned goals

Your Flexpert works as a part of your team, builds a deep understanding of your business and is aligned to your goals.

Hire an inhouse recruiter?

You need enough ongoing hiring volume to justify a full-time recruiter and it could take you 2-3 months to hire and onboard them.

Time consuming

While agencies can give you shortlists, managing the process till hire and coordinating with multiple agencies can be very time consuming.

Your own talent pipeline

The talent pipeline generated by the Flexpert remains in your talent pool and can be tapped on for future hires!

Scale your business without boundaries

There has been a generational shift towards remote work in the past year and according to a recent survey, 58.3% of companies plan to have some or all their teams working remotely in the next 5 years.

While remote work can unlock massive opportunities for your business such as access to high quality talent, lower salaries, reduced overheads and improved productivity, hiring & employing remote full-time employees can be challenging.

Snaphunt solves this problem with a seamless solution to find, engage, hire & manage your remote employees in a snap!

Hire & employ talent – anywhere

Snaphunt gives you instant access to targeted remote talent across geographies, along with cutting edge tools to remotely assess your candidates, collaborate with your team and manage your recruitment process all the way till hire. Snaphunt’s partners can also seamlessly employ your remote hires and manage your local payroll & compliance in over 100 countries, without the need for you to set up any legal entity so you can build global teams with ease.

Fast. Accurate. Comprehensive.

All you need to seemlessly build remote teams

Instant access to targeted talent

Snaphunt gives you instant access to talent based on your specific requirements so you can start engaging with prospective hires right away.

Powerful tools to screen & engage the right talent remotely

Make the right hire seamlessly with asynchronous & live video interviews, AI reference checking and easy collaboration with your team.

EOR partners to seamlessly employ your talent anywhere

Benefit from our EOR partners to handle payroll, benefits, and all the sticky issues of international finance and employment law so you don’t have to.

Insights on help you make better hiring decisions

Snaphunt’s proprietary algorithms & psychometric assessments match you with talent that has the right skills, competencies & motivations for your role.

Support from experts to manage your hiring process

Engage our hiring ‘Flexperts’ to manage your hiring process so that you scale your teams quickly and effortlessly.

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