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Five Beginner Friendly Tips Before Buying Property

- By jbile
Publish Date : 2021-10-25 10:11:31
Five Beginner Friendly Tips Before Buying Property

It’s never easy to invest in a property. We put our hard work and sweat into it for years before we finally buy the home of our dreams.

Oops! You just bought something without inspecting it thoroughly. You should have known better! Luckily, there are many check-ups you can give yourself to ensure you're not spending too much money on fraudulent sellers. It's always best to inspect an item by a professional before purchase, but after that, you can do things like compare the sale date with the production date or look at the photos for inconsistencies.

These are some of the top areas to consider before investing in a property.

Foundation Walls

A strong foundation is a house's foundation to success. Foundations are the anchors for a home and take the weight of the building, not to mention the punishment from the water table outside. Walls, when neglected over time, can grow weak and develop cracks or bulge out in the middle.

The perfect cover for damage is temporary. This is because it will only mask the cracks in your foundation wall. You need to have at least your foundation walls inspected by a structural engineer to be sure the damage is not worse.


The roof of a house is the most important part. It is the part of the house that allows for water and other elements to get in and cause damage. There are many types of roofs; every roof has its inspection method. For homes with flat roofs, you should inspect for gravel lying loose on the roof. This is usually the first sign that something’s wrong with the roof.

When you have a leaky roof, the most significant threat is water damage. Water can be costly to fix and restore, so if you're vigilant at the time of buying, you can save yourself from these expensive expenses in the long run.


It’s the big things that bring the home’s value up when buying a property. For example, flooring can have a profound effect on the price of a house. The condition of the flooring has an equally significant impact on how much it is worth.

In the house inspection, check for any flooring repairs that need some attention. Use some of the top-rated concrete sealers to repair the floor. Bring these repairs up to the seller and see if they can adjust anything.

Your floors are expensive to repair and reinstall. Don't forget to be watchful of them!


Maintaining a drainage system is key to your home's health. Without an efficient drainage system, you're in for a lot of mess. You use gallons of water every day for washing, bathing, cleaning, and whatnot. Without proper drainage, you'll be left with dirty water everywhere - not to mention rain gutters overflowing with water.

It's important to check the inflow and outflow of water in your house for any issues. If there is a problem, evaluate whether or not it's something you can afford now and in the future.


In this day and age, paint color should be the last thing you check before buying a property. It doesn't have a significant impact on the price, but it can be used as a bargaining chip.

If a house has a coat of paint from last year, see if it's easy to remove or if it's a good base for new paint. Ask your local hardware store employees about the different paint options and compare prices.

Suppose the paint is not up to par. In that case, you can demand either a fix or a discount from the seller. The inconvenience of painting the house becomes a real obstacle once you move in.

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