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Facebook Tips and Tricks

Author : romanregin402
Publish Date : 2021-05-14 08:30:18
Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook is the most well-known digital platform for anyone in the world. Though many other social media platforms have arisen, nothing did replace Facebook yet. Everyone loves Facebook because it connects people all around the world. There is some extra chance to love it for its excellent tips and tricks. 

  • Easily download your friend’s photos in his account. 

Are you in love with someone? Are you fond of someone? Here you can download their photos without letting them know. All you have to do is to go to options on that particular post. Then click on share and copy the link. Next go to the browser and open fbdown.net where you are supposed to paste the link. This will enable you to download the data.

  • Find all photos which are liked by your friend. 

This cool feature helps to discover all photos which are liked by your Facebook friend when you are so lazy to scroll down.

If you want to see what posts your friends have liked without them knowing, you are saved. All you need to do is to go to the search bar and type " photos x y z liked ". This will show you all the photos your friend has liked on Facebook. 

  • Secretly use the Facebook

This trick helps you to turn off chat for all friends or some contacts only or all contacts except. There are times when we feel like letting only a few people know that we are active on Facebook. Most people are unaware that this can be managed. You simply need to go to active chat settings to use this amazing trick

  • Stop Facebook from eating your mobile data. 

Indirectly turning off the auto-play mode of video can make this out. This would stop those data thieves.

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  • Accept friend requests as bulk. 

You do not need to do any magic for this. A simple JavaScript is enough to do this, which is available on the internet.

  • Keep an eye on your visitors. 

This is not directly featured by Facebook, but with some other software and apps, you can check your profile visitors. It's very helpful as it helps to keep an eye on stalkers on facebook. Go to the main dropdown menu and select privacy shortcuts. Now click on privacy checkup and you will see an option headed as who viewed my profile. By clicking on this option, you can easily find out or in fact catch your stalkers!

  • Downloading complete Facebook data

If you are looking forward to deleting your account (but save all the data) or if you simply want to keep everything stored in an offline storage, no need to worry! Facebook offers its users to enjoy this feature where they can download a copy of their complete data which is saved in facebook server. You can simply send a request to the server. They will generate a copy of the complete history of your Facebook data and send you a link. Through that link you can easily access your data.

These are only a few tricks and tips of using facebook. There are a lot of tricks which can help you use Facebook more efficiently. In a rapidly developing world, the virtual world is becoming more and more real, and people spend more time on the Internet. Facebook plays an indispensable role in connecting people. Facebook can be used in different ways for entertainment, connections, and business . You just have to decide what you love on Facebook.

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