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Comparative web development: which technologies to choose for the creation of your site?

Author : devlinks
Publish Date : 2021-03-20 09:29:24
Comparative web development: which technologies to choose for the creation of your site?

A major, if not vital, communication tool, the website will allow you to create a link between your internal ecosystem and the external one. Esokia wants to go further in its role as an outsourcing provider by offering you here a CMS and Framework web development comparison . The various information it contains will help you determine which technology, among the many to be mastered by the developers of our web agency, is the most appropriate for your project.

Indeed, whatever its size or core business, your business today needs a virtual showcase. The website has gradually turned into an essential asset, which goes beyond even simple added value. In the digital age, it will serve as a lever for development, an ambassador, a means of communication to and for your customers and prospects. It can also be used as an internal communication mode, if it is an intranet Web Development Agency Dubai

The importance of your website development technology

You are looking for a comparison of web technology, PHP or dotnet

Indeed, it is not always easy to choose the web development tool that will intervene in the success of your project. The goal is to bet on the technology that will precisely meet your needs. At Esokia, we put at your disposal teams of expert developers, who master the computer programming languages ​​intended to bring your website to life. Saving time, providing skills that you do not have internally, results that can be personalized and respect your specifications: offer your company a highly personalized and ready-to-use website.

Preparing for the creation of your business website: the right questions

Beyond a simple comparison, a well-prepared project will yield results that meet your expectations.

Esokia supports you throughout the process by providing you with all its expertise in web development. It is therefore together that we will answer the essential questions, for example:

New site or site redesign

The target audience or Personae;

The purpose of the website: image, notoriety, lead generation, media portal or customer relationship ...;

The core values ​​of the company and how you express them to your visitors;

What sets you apart from your competitors;

The budget allocated by the company to this project;


Depending on your answers, we will set up a well-tested process, which has given more than convincing results to our customers over the years.

Our web development comparison

Esokia takes care of the web development of your website. For relevant results, for better management of each project, however, we have chosen a fluid and efficient strategy. Our web agency has indeed preferred to separate its teams of developers into two main categories Best UI/UX Design Services

 The one dedicated to the development of visible elements (Front End, that is to say all the elements that will be interpreted by the computer browser in order to display a "visual" result with technologies such as ReactJS, AngularJS or VueJS );

The one dedicated to the development of elements running in the background (the Back End, which consists of setting up, configuring and maintaining the site's server and database such as the technologies described below). after.)

Technologies mastered by our Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

Esokia, a web agency for more than 10 years, offers you a comparison of CMS and framework technologies for the development of your web projects:


An open source PHP framework, Symfony works on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which separates the databases, the view displayed to the user and the business logic. This results in structured projects, which simplify and accelerate the development process.

A real toolbox, Symfony is the framework that fully and quickly responds to the needs for the creation of intranet, extranet, marketplace or SaaS services, in a secure, high-performance framework that is easy to install and use.


This open source PHP framework works on the MVC architecture and has a range of features wide enough for fast web development (practical if it is to create a site from scratch), structured and in accordance with your needs. .

Whether you are a small or a large company, this technology offers rapid development while simplifying redundant tasks such as authentication or online payments.

Node JS :

This open source JavaScript development platform includes an HTTP server. Neither framework nor library, it is a runtime environment based on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine and running on an event loop. This allows it to withstand strong increases in load and to work at an impressive speed.

Node JS is the right technology for your online payment system, social platform, streaming service, e-commerce platform, online publication platform, e-learning and project management platform.

ASP Net Core

this open source version of ASP.NET works on MacOS, Linux and Windows. First released in 2016, this technology is a redesign of earlier versions of ASP.NET on Windows.

Esokia recommends ASP Net Core for its cross-platform aspect, speed, performance for building web applications and services, Internet of Things (IoT) applications and mobile backends.


This content management system (CMS) allows you to create, store, manage and present content on your website. With multilingual content and pages, Sitefinity allows you to manage multiple sites whose content is shared.

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