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Choose The Best LED Gloves As Newbie Ravers

Author : emmadobie
Publish Date : 2021-09-07 20:41:33
Choose The Best LED Gloves As Newbie Ravers

Rave parties are all about lights and colors, and the colorful LED gloves are an essential part of these music festivals. The various choices available for these gloves can be overwhelming for you as a beginner, so it is best to get the required knowledge on the available features and color options and choose a product that best suits your unique requirements. The best gloves come with power-packed features, and they are the perfect burner backup set for festival-goers. 

Going to a music festival is highly executing, and most people wait all along the year and come up with a lot of planning. The best products also offer you a color randomization feature, a revolutionary programming tool that allows the users to produce an entire set of excellent patterns of colors. This is a fantastic tool that pulls from the color palette and offers various intensity settings ranging from high to blank.

Different Components Of Your Gloves

To get the best quality products that meet your requirements, it is essential to have the required knowledge about the various parts of the gloves.


It holds the chip and the batteries, and it sits inside the gloves. These are universally compatible and consist of an easy click feature, and offer a soft rubber underside for comfort and a rugged exterior with higher durability. You can choose from color casings to add a filter to your lights. 


The coin cell batteries power the microlights used in the gloves. The durability of the batteries varies based on the light and the complexity of the modes you use that range from 8 to 15 hours. 


These are small plastic caps that are attached to the exposed bulbs. They help to magnify the light trails and also prevent the bulbs from poking holes into the gloves. These come with different light-altering colors and different patterns. 

Types Of Gloves

The LED gloves hold the lights to your finger, and they are based on the kind you choose and help to alter the visual effects of the shoe. Some common types of gloves include white, black, thin, and fuzzy gloves that offer different textures and sizes. The kind of glove helps determine how the light shines throughout the show and the comfort level provided. 

White Magic Stretch Gloves

These are a common choice for glovers, and it comes with the maximum stretchability. These LED gloves allow the fingers and hands to move freely and provide maximum flexibility. The white material illuminates your hands and also reflects more light.

Blackout Magic Stretch

The black magic stretch gloves are made from cotton, and it hides the glover’s finger movement. This is suitable for newbies who are not accustomed to the technical stuff. The gloves come in handy when trying to hide fingers and for illumination. 

Slim Gloves

These are thin, and they offer optimal glow and the maximum amount of light to shine during the shows. They provide more flexibility and finger dexterity for the gloves. These gloves make your hands look super sleek. 

Conclusively to choose the best LED gloves, it is necessary to know the technicalities and find a suitable option that meets your requirement. 

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