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8 Great Ideas for Self Employment

Author : emmadobie
Publish Date : 2021-11-24 14:12:33
8 Great Ideas for Self Employment

Many of us often think about being our own boss. The tough part is deciding what kind of business to start. The foundation of a successful business venture lies with a great business idea. With some inspiration, your idea can transform into something big over time. Here are some suggestions to consider when starting your own enterprise.


Having expertise in a specific field is a good starting point when launching a consultancy service. There are consultancy services in a wide range of fields. They include social media, business, leadership, human resources, and many more. A consultancy business is indeed a lucrative option. It requires minimal capital expenditure to start. Once your business grows, you can expand your team by hiring other consultants to get even more business.

Online Reseller

If you take a keen interest in clothing or sales, then starting an online resale business may appeal to you. It will take time to establish an online presence. However, this is something which you can pursue even if you have a day job. You can start it as a side hustle and once your sales take off, you may quit your regular job and get into this occupation full-time.

Online Teaching

The rising trend of online education has opened a lot of avenues for people to start their own businesses. You may select any subject on which you have a strong grasp. Since it is online, you will not be restricted by geographical locations. You can find students from any part of the world. If you feel your knowledge about any particular subject is not adequate enough to teach it, you can still easily teach English to foreign students. Teaching English as a second language will always be in high demand.

Online Bookkeeping

Just like education, technology has enabled a lot of accounting services to be outsourced to online professionals. If you have an accounting degree or certification, you can easily seek work from companies looking for these services online.

Medical Courier Service

The Covid-19 pandemic really highlighted the importance of logistics companies. You may want to start a logistics business targeted towards the medical industry. All you need is good time management and a reliable vehicle. You will have to transport medical supplies like prescription drugs, surgical equipment, and lab samples. The healthcare industry is one that always expands with each passing year, no matter how the economy is performing. Hence, a medical courier enterprise will provide a stable income. If you have enough funds, you may even hire other drivers to start on a higher scale.

App Developer

If you have expertise in technology, you could consider starting a career as an app developer. Given the prevalence of smartphones, there will be a sustained demand for mobile applications. App developers can also venture out towards Virtual Reality (VR) app development as well.

Transcription Services

Transcription is a good career field if you are good at hearing and can type fast at the same time. It is a good business idea as this is something you can do from the comfort of your home at a schedule of your choice. There is a particularly high demand for medical transcription. If you don’t want to take it up full-time right away, then you can always take up a small number of assignments. Whatever you may be able to manage with your current job. Getting a transcription certification will provide you with better transcription opportunities as well as better pay.

Professional Organizer

A lot of people suffer because of their poor organizational skills. A professional organizer can help such people perform better in their lives. They help people de-clutter their lives. They teach people how to lead a minimalistic lifestyle. They identify unnecessary possessions taking up space in peoples’ homes and help get rid of them. This downsizing allows people to de-clutter their living space.

If you like to keep your surroundings in an organized manner, then this may just be the kind of job you are looking for. You will be doing what you love while at the same time getting people to pay you for it.

Summing Up

Technology has opened a lot of avenues for self-employment. There are enough opportunities online that can allow anyone to have a viable career doing the things that they are passionate about. All you need to explore these opportunities is a reliable internet connection with wide service coverage. If you reside within a Windstream service area, you will be guaranteed to have that reliability.

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