Windows System Restore Feature By Norton Antivirus

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Publish Date : 2021-03-15 09:28:43
Windows System Restore Feature By Norton Antivirus

The Windows registry is a list of information your computer needs to function as it should. If you show the registry in a text editor, it seems like a long gobbledygook catalog, but for computers, essential information about things like ports, user profiles, installed hardware, applications (programs), and document types. (Information).

When your computer is out of the box, everything should run flawlessly, smoothly, and quickly. But over time, the Windows registry will generate a lot of little hints that no longer work. Some of these neglected bits come from improperly or incompletely uninstalled computer programs. norton error 8504 104 and other operating systems were moved incorrectly, and although they still exist on the hard disk, Windows could no longer find them due to invalid registry entries.

Filled with these neglected chunks of information, the registry runs like a turtle, and error messages and system crashes begin to occur. A good registry cleaner will find all the stray parts and identify which ones can be safely deleted. Sometimes the same file is needed by more than one program. Even if one of the programs that used it has been uninstalled. But the files should still exist for any other program that needs them to be run.

A good registry cleaning software should give you the opportunity to delete each object identified as it can be safely deleted. If you delete all programs that you no longer use, folders, obsolete files, etc., and if you are running an antivirus and spyware removal program. But your computer is crawling like a turtle, it's time to use it. Clean the registry

The reason for having to use a registry cleaner instead of trying to do it manually is that it is difficult to know which one belongs to which program. The danger is that you may inadvertently remove important items that will force your system to crash. The way to be sure that you won't be faced with a stray registry error is to constantly use the "Windows Add / Remove Programs" icon on the control panel to remove computer programs. Access the control panel through the start button.

Before you start using registry cleaners, it's a good idea to do a full hard backup of your computer's hard drive. I recommend Norton Ghost as a backup application because it creates an image (snapshot) of the hard drive. All your drives, including the Windows operating system, the registry, and all files and applications. So, restoring using Norton Ghost will get everything back as it was, saving you the trouble of reinstalling Windows and then all your applications from the program disk you hope will still be there and after. Then all files By backing up your hard disk this way, if anything goes wrong during a registry cleanup, you can easily restore your hard drive to its original condition before you started.

You can also use the Windows System Restore feature, but I don't recommend it. System restore will only work if your computer is running. When you do something during the registry cleaning process that forces your computer to crash and you can't use it again, a system restore won't be of much help. That's why I prefer the Norton Ghost route, if you want to try System Restore go to Start> All programs & gt; Accessories & gt; System tools & gt; System restore. Tell System Restore to restore your computer an earlier time. (Before you try to clean the registry)

There are many registry cleaners available. Some are freeware, others are shareware, and are still paid applications. With so many risks, I would suggest you spend a few bucks on a well-paid program. Take your time and choose the best by reading reviews from people who have actually used the software. Just Google "cleaner registry reviews".

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