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Top Inspiring Graphic Design Trends to Follow in 2021

- By parminder_gpcoders
Publish Date : 2021-04-01 07:27:34
Top Inspiring Graphic Design Trends to Follow in 2021

The great thing about technology is that it keeps on emerging while offering you numerous opportunities for reset. Given the challenging shape of every year, the web design and development trends offer the developers to breathe in fresh air.

In this post, I am going to talk about the inspiring graphic design trends of 2021 that are all set to impress you. Just like any other technological advancement, these design trends are also putting users first. We have researched deeply from numerous expert’s opinions and write-ups available over the internet. Amongst all, below are the most powerful and helpful trends for every proactive graphic design agency that wishes to come up with something new.

Let’s get started!

Icons and Illustrations

Graphic design trends follow a predictable pattern. One trend can go from appreciated to outdated and then get back to the picture again. One fine example of one such graphic design trend is the inclusion of icons and illustrations. After almost 5 long years of underrated appreciation, flat and illustrations are back in graphic design trends.

Retro Connection

Retro connection with graphic design is nothing new to us. It possesses a bold imagination with an optimistic outlook. The Retro designs focus on bright colors, typography (computer-inspired), and other curves, domes, arches, etc. Rather than taking us back to the old Retro days, graphic design trends in 2021 are taking us ahead of time while holding the hands of the good old retro days.


Good designs can help you convey your message without a word. And, a character can make that message unforgettable to the end users. For 2021, many graphic designers are appreciating quirky and irreverent characters when it comes to designing. You can hand-draw a unique character and perform concept illustrations such as dragon riding a bike, or a fish wearing suit, etc. People always remember what is weird and unique instead of common sights on the internet.

Fluid Designs and Seamless Gradients

In print designs, gradients are considered complex and risky. Therefore, they’ve got replaced by flat designs. Till last year, these flat designs grew rapidly and ruled the graphic design industry. However, the trend of gradients is back in 2021. Today’s graphic designers are using gradients in a seamless manner.

The Art of Minimalism

Staying minimal when designing is the most powerful weapon of every graphic design agency. Minimalistic designs have always had their special space in the professional world. It is always considered to be most appealing and sophisticated to deliver your message with less.

Just like any other field, minimalism can be achieved in graphic design by adding some splashes, or color strokes, or detailed doodles, etc.


Apart from being minimal and adding sophisticated color palettes, including creative typography is gaining a unique position this year. Be it a simple advertisement, website banner, or a poster, creative and relatable typography is all what is needed and admired by end users.

Try to be innovative while choosing the font, placement, and colors of the text you’re including in your message. One of the trending and impactful ideas for your typography is opting for ‘Bold Colors’.

With this, I’ve come to an honest conclusion of including all the above-mentioned graphic design elements in your next project. This write-up is a complete work of personal research and reference to various articles and blogs of experts. Apart from all these, there are several other trends that can help you achieve impressive and performant designs. In case you have any suggestions or recommendations, feel free to contact me.

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