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Top 5 VR Applications That Will Take The Industry By Surprise

Author : netashaadams
Publish Date : 2021-05-11 11:02:26
Top 5 VR Applications That Will Take The Industry By Surprise

Since we have entered the digital realm, we have come across numerous technological innovations. From automated industrial apps to modern-day tools and equipment, the list goes on. When we look at the entertainment side, the story is no different. Virtual reality (VR) is an advancement that has no match. The device was initially designed for entertainment purposes but is now serving different sectors. From industrial to medical applications, the device is breaking new grounds. This article will discuss some of the modern-day VR applications that can turn the industry by its head. Keep reading to learn more!

Virtual Reality Applications That Can Surprise Anyone:

Once you have paid for a VR device, there are numerous applications you can access with it. With a VR headset on, you will feel transported to another world. You can play games and watch movie clips that are close to reality. Following are some of the top applications you can enjoy with this amazing device. Walk with us to know what these apps are!

1. Virtual Speech:

Have you ever given a speech on a stage in front of an audience? If yes, you would know how nervous you were. Despite practicing a lot, your nerves will debilitate your skills when you step on the stage and confront the audience. The digital era has a solution for this problem in the shape of the virtual speech application.

Fortunately, the virtual speech application can help you polish your public speaking skills. You can hone your skills without facing a genuine public. The application places you in front of an audience where you can deliver a speech, making you feel that it’s a real-world speech. The movement and noise of the public imitate mannerism and sounds real.

You can customize the movements and noise to make it more real. Moreover, you can add your virtual presentation slides, practice for job interviews and sell a product or service to an audience.

2. Jaunt VR:

With VR headsets in the town, we are anticipating an immersive future of storytelling. Jaunt VR is an application that is turning the imagination into reality. With this application, you can enjoy hundreds of documentaries, movies, concerts, and animated cartoons in a 360-degree frame. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? Once you put the VR headset on, you can choose a program of your choice from a long list.

Jaunt VR application comes with entertaining content that amuses the users in every way. From immersive storytelling features to a touch of virtual reality, the experience is amazing. You can walk through the Redwood national park or the giant pre-gaming routine of Sac Francisco with a click of a button. Enjoy the events, documentaries, and games of your choice at a theme park. Book your tickets today and go for the amazing experience!

3. Orbulus:

Have you ever thought of teleporting from one place to another by merely clicking a button? Probably not! Since it’s a long way from becoming a reality, and we can only dream of it. What if we tell you that it is possible in a virtual reality world? You can now virtually visit a place to check whether it would be the best option for your upcoming weekend picnic.

Orbulus also comes in handy at times when you have an adventurous soul but run short on funds. With Orbulus, you can enjoy various cityscapes and landscapes by sitting at your home. It is a good option when you want to see more of the world or explore a place before paying a handsome amount.

4. Discovery VR:

Getting close to marine animals or wild animals like a lion or panda has always been a dream for us. Well, you can crack the dream with the discovery VR app in the town. Put on the VR headset, and the application will immerse you into the habitat of different animals. Do you like to swim with dolphins? You can get pretty close with the discovery app.

The biggest advantage of this app, apart from fun, is that you can learn about wildlife. All the things that you have imagined once can now become a reality. The discover VR app is a great invention to make your middle school dreams come true.

5. Minos Starfighter:

Minos Starfighter is a gaming application where you can fight your space enemies. It is the first version of an arcade game to explore the spaceship and kill the enemies by tilting your head. You will face more challenging levels and enemies once you level up.

These games are often designed for kids who like to play all day long. Parents should take them to places where such games are offered to see and use the technology. The best option available is a VR theme park. Grab your VR park Dubai tickets and pay a visit!

Explore the hidden VR world at VR parks!

VR theme parks have a major virtual portion where visitors are offered virtual tours and games. From kids to adults, the place offers fun activities to everyone alike. Book your tickets today and explore what is inside the box!


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