Top 10 oracle fusion hcm interview questions

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Top 10 oracle fusion hcm interview questions

1. What is LDG in Oracle Fusion HCM?
Ans: Legislative Data Group (LDG) is used for portioning the payroll and any related data. An LDG is required for every nation where the organization resides. An LDG may associate with one or more payroll gadgets. Payroll is processed with legislative currency, code, and cost key field structure. It works in compliance with the local government.

2. What is Oracle Fusion Trees?
Ans: Oracle Fusion Tree, also known as Oracle Fusion Timber, is the geographical representation of the organization’s hierarchy. It makes the users effectively manage tasks within the organizational hierarchy. Oracle Fusion HCM represents tree structure for the department, structures, organizations, and positions.You can create a bush for each HCM tree.You can even create multiple versions of a tree. 

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3. Explain about different plan types available in Fusion absence management?
Ans: These are the three kinds of plans in Oracle Fusion's absence management. 

Accrual - This plan is for creating the absence of paid leaves. Ex: vacation plan.
Qualification - This plan is for creating the absence of paid leaves for which the employees are entitled to the leaves and pay. Ex: maternity leave.
No entitlement - It keeps track of all paid and unpaid leaves so that the accumulated balance of leaves and payment is not there.

4. If you replace a challenge report more than one time in a single day, can you continue to song the record?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to replace a challenge report multiple times in a day.You can even track the record too. A physical record should be created for each update, and a unique sequence number should be assigned to the modifications. With this unique sequence number, we can track the updates at any time. 

5. How many sections a performance template/model can hold at a time?

Ans: A performance template can hold up to six models at a time.

  • Competency Section
  • Goal Section
  • Worker Final Feedback Section
  • Manager Final Feedback Section
  • Questionnaire Section
  • Overall Review Section

6. What are absence type patterns?

Ans:  A set of pre-defined rules constitute an absence pattern. These are the rules that have to be considered while creating an absence type. The fields that appear on the absence type page will depend on the user's selected design. Some of the commonly known absence type patterns are,

  • Childbirth 
  • Injury/Illness
  • Generic absence

7. What do you know about normalization in Oracle Fusion?

Ans: A rating distribution should be specified by users when they create rating models. It represents the overall percentage of the workforce that is involved in the organization. It provides information about the decrease or increase in employee size. This whole process is referred to as normalization.

8. Give the difference between Watchlist and the Worklist in Oracle HCM?


  • A watchlist provides shortcuts to all the tasks that need attention from the user. It displays the count of all items. Users can easily modify the shortcuts.
  • A worklist displays a list of tasks that are important and needs the approval of the user. These are priority tasks for the users. 

9. What are the sets of enabled objects in the Oracle Fusion HCM?

Ans:The following are the three sets of enabled objects.

  • Departments
  • Grades
  • Jobs

10. List the common tasks that are frequently used during the implementation?

Ans: The common tasks that are used frequently during implementation are managing the legal addresses, business units, legal entity, departments, locations, lookups, worker goal setups, grades, document types, jobs, review periods, etc.

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