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The written test and the skills assessment portions

Author : krishnakirchoff
Publish Date : 2021-02-22 08:27:06
The written test and the skills assessment portions

Proctored to trainees who are seeking certification as a nursing assistant, the CNA Skills exam and test are required parts of the process towards gaining vital knowledge and comprehension of the fundamentals in certified nursing assistant work. Separated into two halves, the CNA test is made up of a written test and a practical skills test. The skills aren't your normal multiple-choice-type exam (very unlike the SATs) while the written portion focuses on the overarching concepts and procedures that CNA hopefuls have been training on during their learning programs.

The best method to prepare for the CNA test is to sign up for a strong CNA training program such as the one offered by the Red Cross. If you receive superior test preparation, you should assumed superior results likewise when taking the exam. The training programs that Red Cross and other health care organizations provide will typically run for 3 to 4 months, with a focus on traditional classroom instruction as well as clinical experience and exposure for applying the skills learned in the classroom. In the hands-on experience portions of training the CNA trainees will be instructed by a registered nurse who has worked heavily in patient care and can impart strong advice to the trainees.

In taking the test, most former CNA trainees agree that the written portion is rather easy as long as proper study has been achieved, as the questions asked are only designed to probe understanding of the fundamental concepts of patient care. The CNA skills test is often where many CNA trainees have the largest challenges on their quest to gain certification. Some exam proctors will require trainees to bring with them a human visual aid to act as a model while the trainee demonstrates the skills they've learned throughout the CNA training program. Trainees will be expected to adequately prove a mastery of all the basic tenets of CNA job duties on their visual aid before getting certified.


Most exams will have trainees successfully complete between 3 to 6 specific CNA skills, such as measuring a patient's temperature, washing hands correctly, changing bed linen, transporting or correctly positioning a patient, and proper maintenance of a bedpan. Details are important when taking the test, as the proctor will be sure to mark off points for every mistake or blunder. If a trainee fails to knock on a patient's door before entering, or incorrectly washes hands, or failing to read a thermometer correctly will all count as points off the final exam score. For this reason, repeated practice before an exam, and staying calm generally helps to ensure the best possible score on exam day.

The written test and the skills assessment portions of the CNA certification exam will have a state examiner that observes your performance during the exam as well. These state examiners will present hypothetical scenarios for you to solve, to their satisfaction, and test your retention of vital CNA-related skills as learned throughout the training program. Be sure to study hard and there should be no problems with any of the aspects of the CNA exam.

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