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The students opting for this certification are provided with online training led by the instructors for complete 36 hours. In these hours,

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Publish Date : 2021-03-23 21:53:36
The students opting for this certification are provided with online training led by the instructors for complete 36 hours. In these hours,

Gone are the days when the web used to be a place of searching for information, getting it and then stopping there. The ever-changing times have turned the internet into a https://www.bignewsnetwork.com/news/268178812/find-out-what-makes-kintem-a-safe-website-to-get-latest-36123621361036293621close-knitted group where users want to interact with the system as well as each other in real-time. They want to chat, play games, update their social media instantly, and much more and all of that on a massive scale, at a rapid pace and in real-time. If you’re familiar with HTML web development, then you already know that it wasn’t built for this purpose. Want to know how exactly https://www.bignewsnetwork.com/news/268178811/what-are-the-reasons-behind-the-popularity-of-iptva  can help you? Let’s explore together.

Features related to Node JS Certification

This certification course contains a packet of various differentiated features, which makes this certification completely different from the other certifications. Some of the most interesting features are listed below:

  1. The students opting for this certification are provided with online training led by the instructors for complete 36 hours. In these hours, the instructors try to fulfill their motive by giving the students detailed information and knowledge related to the course which they are opting for. The mentors try to cover the complete syllabus in the given time period.
  2. In this certification, the students are also provided with real-life projects which are based on industries so that they can even acquire some practical knowledge related to this course. Having both theoretical and practical knowledge related to a topic will help them in having detailed information regarding any project.
  3. In order to get a confirmation that the students have well understood the topic, quizzes are conducted at the end of every module, i.e., in a total of 16 quizzes are conducted so that the instructors can get an idea about the knowledge level of the students.
  4. The students are left free; they can choose any class in which they want to study, complete flexibility is provided to them in order to eliminate their problems.
  5. All the related topics like Master Node.js, Socket.io, Express.js with MongoDB, and SQLite, which are a part of the selected course, are covered by the instructors.

Skills attained through Node JS Certification

There is an ample number of skills which are attained by the students who tend to opt for the Node Js Certification course. Some of the extraordinary features offered to the students are listed below:

  1. Understand the Node.js framework: Understanding the framework of this certified course is most important because without knowing the framework, the students won't be able to build the network application quickly and efficiently. Java has now captured a majority of the market segment in the development of web applications; therefore, it is very necessary to have detailed information in order to develop a quick application. Hence it is perfect to opt for this course as detailed knowledge is given to the students regarding this topic.
  2. Work with Node projects: This certification even helps the students to work with node projects as the students are provided with complete theoretical and practical knowledge during their course period.
  3. Work with shrink-wrap: With the technology being upgraded every moment, it is very important for one to learn it in order to cope up with the advancement. This course provides complete information regarding shrink wrap.
  4. Learn asynchronous programming: Node JS Certification provides detailed information about asynchronous programming, which makes the work of programming easier for its users.
  5. HTTP server with Node.js: By opting for this course, the students become able to build an HTTP server with Node JS very effectively and efficiently, which helps them in getting higher positions in their job.
  6. Buffer streams and events: Without having complete knowledge of buffers, no professionals would be ever able to work on streams, this certification will help you in acquiring complete information related to streams because streams work completely on the concept of the buffer.
  7. Multiprocessing in Node.js: Multiprocessing provides base and support to Node. Js, therefore in order to work with Node. Js. This application runs on single-threaded language in the background but uses multiple codes to generate asynchronous code; therefore, it is very important for the personnel to have complete knowledge relating to this certification.
  8. Master Express.js: This skill is required in building web apps. Hence having a skill of master Express.js helps professionals to build web apps in an effective and efficient manner.
  9. Application using Socket.io:  This skill is counted as the basic requirements for the personnel who work towards building a highly interactive website such as multiplayer games, chat sites, etc. and this skill is inherited into the students who opt for this course.
  10. Gulp and Grunt: Both these terms are related to task runners. They both have different approaches to solving an issue. Grunt uses the configuration method, whereas gulp uses stream method, and both these methods are taught to the students who opt for this certification.
  11. Unit and end-to-end testing: These two terms use a completely different approach; unit testing helps the developers to use isolated components, whereas end to end testing deals with a set of components. Knowledge related to all these terms are given to the students who are enrolled in Node Js certification

Syllabus of Node JS certification

● Qualifying criteria

This certification is mainly recommended for the technical workers, which includes technical project managers, technical leads, analysts, architects, web developers, and those students who want to work in the field of web development.  This course covers all the necessary syllabus and topics related to Node JS certification.

● Conditions applied

This course doesn’t have any extraordinary conditions to join this certification. The students opting for this course just require to have some basic knowledge related to JavaScript and HTML.


Node.js has turned out to be the perfect development platform that is helping users fulfill this need with the help of lightweight web applications and networks. Node.js utilizes a server-side JavaScript environment that is designed to be event-driven and gives the developers the ability to give the users real-time interactions in a digital environment. This sheer success has opened up various job positions at some of the top IT firms.

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