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The Need For Dumbbell Cutting Press And Dye In Rubber Testing

- By charlo
Publish Date : 2021-04-12 07:55:01
The Need For Dumbbell Cutting Press And Dye In Rubber Testing

In many industries where rubber or polymers are used, there is always a need for testing these materials for various properties. The quality of the rubber products has a great impact on the quality of the end products as well as it is also responsible for the safety of the user of the products. For this, there is a variety of studies conducted on the rubber materials as well as products. These include smoke density test, Carbon black content test, Carbon black test, tensile test, compression test and so forth. These procedures need to be performed very accurately and precisely so that the test results are accurate and stable and provide the best assessment of the quality of a test sample.

For best accuracy of the test procedures and test results, it is also essential to ensure that the test sample is prepared in a scientific way according to the standards specified by the test procedure. If the test specimen for the procedure is not ready in scientific way and is ready just manually, it can greatly affect the results there might be a significant difference in the results from two different test results due to Non-Uniformity of the test specimens. Due to this reason, a dumbbell cutting press is used for preparation of specimens to produce the most accurate size and shape of the specimen could be obtained. This tool is specified by many test standards to test the rubber materials.



The dumbbell cutting press is highly precise and accurate instrument that is used for cutting a test specimen in the shape of a Dumbbell from a big test sample. This dumbbell-shaped test specimen is used for performing a variety of tests such as tensile test, flammability test, compression tests and so forth. The size of the specimen cut by the instrument is exactly the same as is specified in the test standards set by various authorities such as ASTM, ISO, and BIS.

There are three types of Dumbbell cutting press available in the market namely hydraulic press, pneumatic press and wheel type press. The hydraulic type press works on the force exerted on the dye by a compressed fluid to cut the specimen. In pneumatic press, compressed air is used instead of liquid. The wheel type press is manually operated and utilizes the manual force to operate and cut the specimen.

Along with the cutting press, there is an accessory that is used along with the instrument that is dumbbell cutting die. It is an accurately designed cutting dye which is used for accurately cutting the test sample and is used with the dumbbell cutting press. The dye is manufactured from very high-speed, high carbide steel which is ideal for accurate cutting of test samples. Due to the high-speed materials used for manufacturing the dye, it has a high resistance against the normal wear and tear. The dye does not come with the press but is purchased separately.

With the combination of the dumbbell cutting press and die, it becomes very easy to perform various quality testing procedures by the preparation of test specimens in a very scientific manner.

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