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The 10 Best Home Theater Speakers to Bring the Movie Experience into Your Living Room

- By audioegghead
Publish Date : 2021-04-12 09:06:15
The 10 Best Home Theater Speakers to Bring the Movie Experience into Your Living Room

Searching for the best home theater speakers or surround sound system for your living room can be challenging. From Dolby Atmos to Bose and Yamaha systems, it’s difficult to navigate the many different brands and specifications—from Bluetooth, wireless (wi-fi), digital audio, and more—the options are abundant. Luckily, I’ve done all the hard work for you.

Have you ever been enjoying a movie and notice that the sound fluctuates dramatically? Quiet conversation scenes are tough to hear, while sound effects from cars and the soundtrack are way too loud. This can ruin the movie experience and have you chasing the volume with your remote control. Purchasing a speaker system can fix this problem.

There are many things to consider when purchasing speakers; there are many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from. Are you looking for wired or wireless speakers? No matter your choice, your goal is most likely an immersive sound for both music and movies.

The average audiophile is not always familiar with things like frequency or impedance—but do not be discouraged. In the following list, I’ve covered everything you’d want to know before buying the best home theater speakers you can find online.

Home Theater FAQ
1. Why Purchase a Home Theatre System to Begin With?

While all your brand new VIZIO TV may be HDMI, it probably didn’t come with a great sound system sound. Seeking the best home theatre systems may not be the first thing that comes to mind when furnishing your living room, but an excellent speaker system enhances your entire home experience. You just can’t get the full experience of music, movies, television, and gaming without a great sound system.

The standard speakers on most TVs are not high quality enough to drown out distracting noises like neighbors, pets, or the crunchy snacks your loved ones are enjoying right next to you. With a simple upgrade to your sound system, you increase the quality of your media bingeing and your home.

2. How Many Speakers Do I Need?
How many surround speakers do you need? What about a wireless subwoofer?

When it comes to the size of your home theatre system, you must consider the size of the room you are putting them in. Small rooms in an apartment or smaller homes will not need an epic subwoofer and six other speakers. An AV receiver, some bookshelf speakers or stereo speakers, and a center channel might do the trick.

3. What Important Factors Should I Consider When Shopping for the Best Home Theater Systems?

As you shop for the best home theater system, you need to think about what you need and prefer. If you have a modern decor and thin TV, then choose speakers that are sleek in design. Are you predominantly using your system for movies? Then be sure to get a high-quality center channel speaker. Your soundstage is an essential consideration before purchasing.

While it may be 2020, are you looking for a built-in blu-ray player—maybe Amazon Alexa—or something more? Do you need to be able to plugin headphones during late hours?

Overall Price Range
Speaker systems vary in cost. You must consider how many speakers you need and how much power you need to fill your living room with the best home theatre sound. On average, you can get a receiver, five speakers, and a subwoofer for around $150 to $700. This is much cheaper than many soundbar speaker options on the market.

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