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Studying this way has a very important side benefit

Author : krishnakirchoff
Publish Date : 2021-02-22 08:42:12
Studying this way has a very important side benefit

It's funny. How little distractions here and there can add up and cost us big in the long run. Sometimes the people that distract us the most are people that we really love and care about (and who care and love us in return).

I remember one time when I was home, working on a very important project. I got started on the project, and I was writing for about five minutes, before my Mom walked in the door. She walked in and said, "Ron, can you help me bring the groceries in the house?"

Although I love my mother more than anyone in the world, this simple request really annoyed me. I was in flow of things. Really being productive. And my Mom had distracted me. I told here, "Yeah Mom, I'll be out there in five minutes. Just let me finish this paragraph." She then ended up getting the groceries herself, but was a little upset with me as she carried them up the stairs. I LOVE my mom :)

Anyway, what does this story have to do with success on the bar exam? You may have figured it out, but if you haven't I'll tell you what it is...

The Power of Focus!

Yep, the power of focus. In my case, I was so focused on completing my project that not even my only mother (bless her heart) could get in the way. The power of focus is THE secret weapon that allows many "average" students to pass the bar exam with flying colors.

How do you develop this power of focus? It's simple. You develop the power of focus with a simple 4-step formula:

1) Decide what your most important task is


2) Cut out all distractions

3) Do the task to completion

4) Repeat steps one through three

You can use this formula immediately. Let's say that you are having trouble with Property, one of every applicant's favorite bar exam subjects. You know you should do it, but you keep putting it off. Here's what to do:

1) Decide to take a Property practice test

2) Cut out all distractions

3) Do the Property practice test

4) Decide what your next most important task is and repeat steps one through three

This may be difficult at first, but I promise it's worth it. Once you are able to this (all it takes is some practice), you'll be on your way to a passing the bar exam. This is the exact same strategy I used to pass the California bar exam the first time I took it. I also taught this strategy to a friend that recently passed the Florida Bar Exam.

Regardless of what bar prep course you take, be it Barbri, PMBR, BarPassers or another course, the principle remains the same: you will pass the bar exam if you clearly identify the tasks at hand and DO those tasks with focused effort.

Studying this way has a very important side benefit: not only will it make you more prepared for the exam than you imagined, it will also condition your mind such that you will be able to maintain incredible focus when you are actually taking the exam. Three hours of intense focus on an MBE exam is a walk in the park when you have been spending the past three months studying with focused concentration for hours on end.

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