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Students Successful Journey Of Conquering Test Anxiety

Author : charlo
Publish Date : 2021-04-12 10:29:43
Students Successful Journey Of Conquering Test Anxiety

Participation in class, completion of homework, studying hard - you might have done all these, yet when the big day of your most anticipated test came, things turned against the way you expected them. You are almost sure that you have pretty much accomplished everything possible to pass this test but how come you forgot every single item you have studied? You are quite certain that you know the answers to the questions on the test. However, you can't seem to remember anything during the test.

Have you been in the same situation before or just recently? If you have, you might possess this common condition called test anxiety. With this state, you will feel a great deal of nervousness before taking a test. Getting a bit nervous prior to taking the test is normal. Feeling this way can help in boosting your performance for the test. But this normal feeling of nervousness becomes intense for those people who have test anxiety. They become extremely anxious preventing them from concentrating on their test thus lowering the standard of their performance.

Test Anxiety Defined

An alarming type of performance anxiety, test anxiety makes someone feel terribly pressured to perform well in a test. Butterflies in the stomach which eventually turns into a stomachache or tension worsened to a headache are among its effects. Some people may shake or sweat a lot. Others can hear their hearts beat really fast even before the test papers are distributed to them. The worst case of someone having this type of anxiety is the feeling of throwing up or passing out.

Poor performance cannot be accounted to test anxiety. When you are nervous and anxious, your mind is focused on some other things other than the answers to your test. Emotional problems, like dealing with death of a loved one or going through heartaches caused by a breakup, are triggering factors for test anxiety. Such problems prevent them from concentrating well in the test thus stop them from giving out their best for it.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

The upsetting results and effects of test anxiety are very much affecting and destroying the lives of those who suffer from it. Do not let such fear rule over you, instead take courage and trust in yourself that you will be a great conqueror. To help you in your battle over this anxiety, here are some tips especially for you.

Preparation Makes Test Anxiety Go Away.

Coming to class every day is not enough for you to learn and perform well in tests. Beyond attending your class is the preparation perfected through developing suitable study habits. Cramming is never a good idea and always has negative as well as disappointing results. Regular study reduces test anxiety. As you study daily, you will have a better grasp of your lessons, making you more confident when the test comes.

Positive stress - is there such thing?

Stress warns you about the need to prepare for an important situation that will happen in the near future. This is a very good way to make stress an advantage instead of allowing it to ruin your day and even your life. As stress oftentimes leads you to fear of taking the test, why not make it as a reminder for you to be ahead of the game by studying in advance? Taking stress positively will certainly help you get rid of test anxiety.

Recognizing Your Need of Assistance



You need people in your life. Whether you need them for companionship, advices or for other things, you need to acknowledge that without them, life will be hard. In your struggles, there are people around you whom you can seek help from. Family members, teachers, counselors and friends are among the people around you that can contribute in solving your problem.

Mistakes as Part of Life

Everyone commits mistakes. Once you realize this, you will never look at mistakes the wrong way you were doing. Instead, you will treat them as learning opportunities. You can keep your mistakes in mind and be careful not to do the same next time. Mistakes you make in tests can encourage you to study more and do better. Slowly changing your view about mistakes will also gradually treat your test anxiety.

The Power of the Mind

Do not entertain negative ideas in your mind. Moreover, you should not think ahead of people. Sometimes, you tend to assume that people think negatively about you when in fact they are not. Focus more in your test and disregard what others think about you. You will find out that your test anxiety is relieved when you don't let yourself get affected by these thoughts.

Love Yourself.

You have to value what's in you by taking care of yourself. Take proper care of yourself by getting sufficient sleep, regular exercise as well as maintaining a healthy diet. This will greatly help in keeping your mind active and working as best as possible. All the tests you will take are easier if you are in good condition physically, mentally and emotionally. Love yourself by saying goodbye to test anxiety.

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