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Solid Reasons for Businesses to Consider Node JS Development for their Online Platform

- By nelliemarteen
Publish Date : 2021-04-14 09:44:14
Solid Reasons for Businesses to Consider Node JS Development for their Online Platform

Enterprise websites moved from being simple HTML to javascript based interactive sites. The current trend is for business to use websites not only to promote their brand but also for virtually all opera tions. The underlying technology stack becomes important in terms of features, flexibility, ease of implementation and use as well as speed and cost. For all this you will find Node JS the perfect tool when implemented by expert Node.JS development services.

The Node.JS advantages

Twitter, NASA, Walmart and Intel rely on Node.Js as the underlying technology for their online operations and that shows just how well positioned it is. 43% of programmers have used it for enterprise apps.

No traffic jam

Enterprise sites and web apps have users in their thousands and when they use the app concurrently then there is immense load on the resources. This is where Node.JS shines when your webapp is the outcome of efforts by your Node.JS development Company. In a typical use environment one request starts a new thread which occupies RAM space until all available space is occupied at which point requests are refused. Node.js works in the single thread mode with non-blocking I/O calls which translates to support for thousands of concurrent connections. The result? You do not have to worry about server being overloaded.

Packages modules

Node.js is a vast improvement over JavaScript since it is a packaged compendium of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the core library written in JavaScript and a Libuv platform abstraction layer further enhanced with Node Package Manager which includes modules covering:

  • Connect: Extensible HTTP server framework including plugins

  • Express JS: the most commonly used web development framework

  • Hapi: to enable configuration framework for websites and service apps

  • Socket.io and sockjs: server side websocket component to manage connections

  • Pug: template engine

  • Mongodb and Mongojs: APIs for object databases using MongoDB

  • Forever: assures node script runs continuously

  • Loadash: Utility tools

  • Redis: client library

  • And lots of others that are added as Node.JS evolves with the community.

What this translates to is that when you hire Node.JS development services they do not have to call in experts from other fields since this is a complete, unified and integrated enterprise scale app development platform assuring flawless performance regardless of load. Hire the right Node.JS development company and their programmers, with expertise in RESTful APIs and asynchronous programming create error-free, secure, scalable apps that will be a joy to use.

Node.JS Developers love shareability that facilitates development and interaction in the team. Code can be reused and when you have developers with experience, your development cost and time come down because they can easily access the reusable code modules.

A variety of web apps

The versatility of Node.JS makes it the ideal tool for a variety of enterprise scale apps:

  • Real time chat apps: Traffic and data intensive yet light on computational powers. You could have a simple chat or a Redis store cache based chat solution with message queue and routing.

  • Static file server

  • Web app framework for your purposed apps

  • Microservices: smaller, simple, purpose specific apps for use on mobiles and desktops. This gives greater flexibility, modularity and cost control to deploy smaller components that can be tied up as needed.

  • Browser games

  • Data streaming apps

  • Full featured single page apps

From the user perspective, it can be a headache to navigate an enterprise scale website to find specific features and functions. Node.JS development services combine expertise in front end integration with back end sophisticated refinement to develop single page apps or micro services that will be loved by users and facilitate retention. From another angle, since modularity is inherent you can simply ask for custom modules to be put in when needed without extensive rework.

Fast operations

One thing that enterprises cannot afford in online operations is speed of response in the app response context. Node.JS code runs natively and leads to fast operations which translate to happy user experience, Speed is also evident in development and deployment. Since time equates with money you will experience reduced cost of development by about 56% when you hire Node.JS development services. Productivity of developers improves by as much as 68% when Node.js is the development platform. Node.js permits use of single codebase for server side and client side, which means a single team can do the job much faster, efficiently and in a shorter time period.

Hiring the right Node.JS developers

Node.JS is vast and has multiplicity of modules and features that require a deep understanding based on experience in practical implementation. Hiring the right Node.JS development service is important in that the right one can offer:

  • Transparency of operations and keep you updated of developments and possibilities

  • Price a project right and provide just the desired numbers of Node.JS developers on hire depending on what you need to be done within a defined budget and time frame

  • Hire an entire team and then cut it down to just a few as work progresses – you are not tied into complex, expensive arrangement.

  • Proven expertise in error-handling, integration of various technologies as and when needed, user authentication and security features so vital for enterprise apps

Today you may simply want Node.JS developers but, as your project moves along you may want integration of AI, VoIP or even C in which case choosing Node.JS development companies that have teams working in these areas is an added plus. At various times it may be necessary to use Rails and JSON or Angular.JS or Ajax jquery calls. Without such diverse capabilities you would see your Node.JS based app and operations be deprived of full functionality.

It is a wise decision to choose Node.JS for your enterprise web operations but your developer can make a vast difference to how well the project is implemented, features, functionality and seamless improvements over time. Get the right Node.JS developer and you will find it a worthwhile investment.

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