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Significant features of PDF to flipbook converter

Author : alisajoycee
Publish Date : 2021-02-24 15:31:34
Significant features of PDF to flipbook converter

This article talks about PDF to flipbook convertor software program. Further, it talks about important features of this software program.

Without any doubt, change is an inevitable factor. With the passage of time, new things have been coming up in the market. The same way, traditional publications have been replaced with digital publications. Modern digital publishing software programs such as PDF to flipbook creator have taken the world by storm.

Not to mention, PDF files are boring to read. Readers now are tech savvy and want to read publications which should be fun to read. Flipbooks now provide them the fun factor which they are searching for. Flipbooks have entertainment components in them which make readers engage.

Now look at some amazing features of PDF to flipbook creator software programs.

Flipbooks have Flipping animation

Flipbook got its name owing to the flipping animation feature. It copies the movement of flipping the page of paper printed publications. It copies the sound as well. When readers flip the pages of flipping books, they will enjoy the feeling of reading hardbound books. Flipping animation feature is no doubt one of the best features of flipbooks.

Flipbooks are all device compatible

Bearing in mind the fact, different use different devices to read the flipbooks, thus they have to be all device compatible. If they would not be all device compatible, only a certain number of people can go through flipbooks. Further, flipbooks are all browser and all operating system compatible.

Custom design

You can design your flipbooks according to your preference or you can design them according to your brand. You can fill colors that best suit your brand. This customization feature makes it a cut above than PDF files.

Lead generation

Flipbooks can be used to generate leads. You can use them as your landing pages to get leads. Marketers around the world are using flipbooks to capture leads. You can embed forms in your flipbooks.

Search engine optimization

Flipbooks are search engine optimized. They have the SEO elements in them which you need to optimize so that crawlers of major search engines like Google and Yahoo find you and index your flipbooks on them. This simply implies when readers try to find your flipbooks on search engine result pages by entering the keywords and keyword phrases which your flipbooks contain, they will easily find you.


You can link your flipbooks to social media pages, websites, and email. In this way, you can improve user engagement to your brand. Further, you can encourage your readers to click the links that you wish them to click.

Social media pages integration

You can integrate social media pages of your business to your flipbook. You can integrate Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more social media pages. Users do not have to separately search for your social media business pages, since they can directly go to your pages from your flipbook by clicking on the icons.


You can directly stream YouTube videos in your flipbooks. Not to mention, according to a survey more than 70 percent of readers would like to see videos in a digital publication. Further, this is a great way to engage your readers. PDF to flipbook convertor software program has the feature for directly streaming YouTube and Vimeo videos.

If you are looking for PDF to flipbook convertor, you can zero down your search on Enhanc digital publishing platform. Enhanc is a reputed digital publishing platform which can serve all your publishing requirements. Enhanc offers 2 types of pricings and plans which are ‘Basic’ and ‘Pro’. You can also enjoy 2 weeks of free of cost digital publishing at Enhanc. You can use all the features without providing any credit card details.

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