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SAP Leonardo: Your Pathway to Digitization

- By eric9395
Publish Date : 2021-05-12 15:40:16
SAP Leonardo: Your Pathway to Digitization

SAP Leonardo is the most significant change that the industry has ever experienced in business digitization. The platform acts as a catalyst to allow digital businesses to utilize both their process and model, without having to transform their digital landscape. Given the functionalities that it adds, SAP Leonardo cannot be replaced by any tech individually.

Leonardo helps incorporate different software capabilities like machine learning, IoT, blockchain, big data analytics, all on a single SAP cloud platform, and HANA as the real-time in-memory database.

How does SAP Leonardo help Organizations Begin their Digital Journey?

SAP Leonardo utilizes curated accelerator packages for organizations that are unsure about where to start their digital business journey. The platform engages a plethora of microservices to allow digitally backward organizations, opt for data-driven services, to improve their customer experience.

With the help of accelerators, consultants from the SAP Digital Business Services teams up with the customers to develop the SAP Leonardo platform as per their requirements. The minimum time needed to get their SAP platform ready for the prototype phase is around 8 months.

Currently, SAP Leonardo is available for retailers, discrete manufacturers, and sports or entertainment service providers. SAP also benefits IoT core works, such as SAP Leonardo IoT for SAP Connected Goods and SAP Global Track and Trace. Customers can buy a fixed price tailored Leonardo package that will provide them with cloud licenses, design thinking methodologies, and development services from the prototype to the final solution stage.

Why should a Company choose SAP Leonardo over other Available platforms?

The main reason for implementing SAP Leonardo in one’s enterprise is to reduce maintenance and operational cost besides inversely improving the system’s efficiency. Backed with real-time data monitoring and user-centric design, SAP Leonardo helps businesses to integrate well with their core processes.

The success of any company depends on its ability to connect with several platforms at a time, which includes its people, products, market, asset, and infrastructure.

Access to a large variety of integrated business tools: SAP Leonardo is such a platform that can be used for different purposes such as IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big data, Data analytics, and much more. If SAP Leonardo is used efficiently, there is no need for any other services for making the business completely automated.

Access to loT (Internet of Things): The IoT feature in SAP Leonardo helps connect all people and assets to gather data from them and analyze and act based on that data. IoT also helps in creating a closed network to encourage communication. Machine Learning uses up the data gathered through IoT to learn and enhance performance without any programming.

SAP provides innovative business services in two forms:

  • Ready-made applications powered by SAP Leonardo
  • Microservices and APIs that run on the SAP Cloud Platform

Both the services allow organizations to help their clients in incorporating these features into their systems. Incoming data streams are analyzed by SAP Streaming Analytics microservices which respond to them immediately. SAP Service Ticketing, which SAP Leonardo also powers, uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the incoming data streams and forwards them to correct processing agents automatically.

Some real-life problems solved using SAP Leonardo:

1. Health Check for the Rail Industry using Predictive Maintenance:

  • Problem faced: Unfortunate delays in rail traffic are caused due to the unavailability of the signal, switch, and other train data in a single database.
  • Solution: Access to all these data in a single platform helps the user display and process this in a closed system. And with the help of SAP Leonardo’s machine learning abilities, the need for maintenance can be predicted at a very early stage, reducing the chances of unwanted delays and cancellations.

2. Automation at Construction sites to increase utilization of specific tool:

  • Problem Faced: At construction sites, tools are either underutilized or took by colleagues not supposed to use them or remain completely unused due to negligence. The agreements which ensure which tools are to be used by which person are only present in papers and not followed in real life.
  • Solution: Machines and tools will constantly be sending telemetry data to SAP Cloud platforms and using that details like how long the tool has been used for, if it has not been used that much or if it can be dispensed. Also, the condition of the tools can be monitored. In cases of repairs and maintenance, the innovative SAP ERP platform will be sending off automatic order requests as per the device’s requirements.

3. Fueling Airplanes using EDGE Technology:

  • Problem Faced: Delay in inspection and delivery of fuels at airports due to manually created delivery tickets. Also, there is a lack of transparency in the amount of fuel available.
  • Solution: With the use of EDGE technology, even offline mobile devices can upload data directly fed into the SAP cloud platform with the direct help of the ERP system.


SAP Leonardo helps enterprises to automate their analytics system, which in turn helps in achieving dynamic insights. It allows the calculation and derives different analytic data and information from various sources.

This makes the SAP Leonardo the most in-demand product of SAP as it is the only product that combines the features of IoT, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, and Machine Learning in one single platform.

Looking at the functionalities that SAP Leonardo has to add, we can only say that the pathway to digitization could never get any better.

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