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QuickBooks the file you Specified Cannot be Opened

Author : ipshitashekhawat
Publish Date : 2021-03-08 09:06:24
QuickBooks the file you Specified Cannot be Opened

QuickBooks is one very versatile and exceptional software. It has allowed small and medium-sized businesses to make great use of it and get done with accounting, financing, bookkeeping, and other work. With that, payroll and tax management seem to be quick and accurate too, what more could one ask for. However, with the benefit of it, one cannot ignore the fact that it is software just like any other software. Users get to experience various sorts of errors during the use of the QuickBooks software. But the best part that Intuit has provided us is the remedy to get rid of the problems. Various tools and measures are implemented, steps and guides are provided for all sorts of errors and how to solve them. One of the most common errors that many users get to face is 'The file you specified cannot be opened. If you have recently discovered this issue, here is everything you need to know about it.


The reason behind the error to occur

There can be ample reasons why such error occurs in the first place. One major reason is when you are downloading a QuickBooks software error or making payroll-related updated, both of which have partially been done, or unable to complete the download and update. This incomplete procedure can cause all sorts of errors whilst you use QuickBooks.


  1. The file is also accessed on a different server

  2. The file you are opening is corrupt

  3. Your server is severely attacked by a malicious malware

  4. You are using a non-administrator account in your system

  5. Inadequate credentials have been inputted

  6. Faulty internet security or firewall settings


Troubleshooting the ‘File you specified cannot be opened’ error

  1. Use Admin Permission

  2. Close all the application, especially the QuickBooks one

  3. Click on Run as Administrator

  4. Type the necessary details needed to access Window administrator

  5. The QuickBooks file should be opened by now

  6. Remember, if the issues are concerning administrator only then this solution will work

Restart your desktop | QuickBooks Services

You may be wondering if this is a solution to fix such a major error in QuickBooks. Many of the issues that arise in QuickBooks can be resolved merely with the help of restarting your desktop. Once you Restart your computer, open QuickBooks, you will find the error gone like it was never existing. Also, this varies based on the different versions of Windows that you use.


Update your Window permission

Another very effective and workable method is to update your window permission. If you are unsure as to how you can go about it, let's discuss the steps below.

  1. Firstly, open the window start menu

  2. Type in 'File explorer' into your search and then open the File Explorer

  3. Now, you need to find your software QuickBooks program file

  4. Once you have access to it, right-click on the QuickBooks program file and then select properties

  5. In that, you need to select security and then edit the option

  6. In the security window that pops out, you can select the checkbox for full control and then click on Ok

  7. Select the Add again and in the window, make sure you type 'user' and then click Ok again

  8. In the security window, click on the checkbox for Full Control and then press Ok

  9. Once done, you are all ready and able to get rid of the error, Click on Apply and then choose Ok to close the settings.


Some Points to Remember

Even though you may be able to get rid of the error with the help of the solutions provided, there are few points to remember.


  1. Make sure you click on the Ok button constantly, only then you get rid of the error 100%

  2. Now, once this happens, close all the QuickBooks application running on your screen

  3. Make sure that you have only installed the latest version of your QuickBooks

  4. If not, you need to find a way to make the current version run on your Desktop

  5. Close the QuickBooks software and restart your PC

  6. After restarting, wait for some time, open your QuickBooks software

  7. By now, you have surely got rid of the error and can use the software with ease.


Wrapping Up

Now that you are well versed with every step, you can enjoy your time on the software. The ‘File you specified cannot be opened’ will be solved by now, by any one of the steps. This is one great news! Don’t forget to miss out on a single step that is mentioned above, otherwise, you won’t be able to get the expected results out of it. Hopefully, this article has taught you everything about QuickBooks as a software and how to handle any error that occurs.


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