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Math Practice for SAT Aspirants

Author : charlo
Publish Date : 2021-02-27 10:57:12
Math Practice for SAT Aspirants

Math section of the SAT test comprises of 54 questions that have to be completed in 70 minutes. These questions are presented in 3 sections. A multiple choice question will have 5 choices; the numeric entry question will have 4 digits, which will include decimal point and fraction. In order to be competitive, you need to score a minimum of 650 points. This is possible only if you spend time on Math SAT practice.

With the help of Math practice, you can cover all the topics that are taught up to the 12th grade, and include intermediate algebra, geometry, functions, data and statistics, number properties and word problems. The test does not cover calculus.

Knowing some tips on how to prepare for Math SAT can help you eliminate worry and also ensure that you are stress-free on the day of the test.

Usually, people get confused with equations and complex word problems. One technique that can help you understand such problems and questions better is art skills. It may sound strange but drawing a sketch of the problem or equation can help you understand the meaning when you are confused.

Ensure that you spend time decoding the word problems. It is best to practice writing out the math equations, so that you solve them rather than concentrating on words that are confusing. However, it is essential that you read the problem carefully to figure out what the equation is.



If you are uncomfortable with any of the topics covered in the math section of the test, then it is best to take help of a tutor. Practicing and learning using online resources can also aid in understanding a topic and then using the resources to practice what you have learned.

Do not waste your time by memorizing formulae. All necessary formulae will be provided at the start of the test. While you are allowed to use a scientific calculator, do not attempt to use it for every single question. You can use other methods at times to solve questions faster. Nonetheless, always keep the calculator next to you when doing SAT practice.

It is best to take math practice tests to familiarize yourself with the style of the questions. It will give you an inkling what to expect during the actual test. Taking as many practice tests as possible will put you at ease.

Take for example a problem in a sample test. This will illustrate the understanding of where and how practice will help you.

Andrew spends 30% of his monthly fees on shelter, 10% on food, and 20% on taxes and entertainment. Along with these he also gives 15% of his income to charity work and then saves the rest. If he saves $2000 each month, what is his total monthly income?

1) First you have to point out the solving technique which you will apply.

2) Now here if you know only the formuale of ratio and proportion it is not sufficient for you to solve the problem.

3) The problem is in words and you have to convert it into numericals.

4) Once you know the numericals to the problem you can solve the problem by applying the formula.

Hence to read and understand a problem and further to get the correct interpretation one has to practice a lot, to achieve perfection and agility to solve the problems.

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